Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service and encourages high ethical standards in all vocations. Rotarians are members of Rotary clubs. Rotary clubs belong to Rotary International.


To become a Rotarian, you must be invited or recommended to join a Rotary club by a member of a Rotary Club.

A qualified candidate for Rotary club membership is an adult of good character and good business, professional, or community reputation;

  • engaged as a proprietor, partner, corporate officer, or manager of any worthy and recognized business or profession; or
  • holding any important position in any worthy and recognized business or profession or any branch or agency thereof and have executive capacity with discretionary authority; or
  • having retired from any position listed above; or
  • being a community leader who has demonstrated through personal
    involvement in community affairs a commitment to service and the Object of
    Rotary; or
  • having the status of Rotary Foundation alumnus as defined by the board


  • ideally having his or her place of business or residence located in the locality of the club
    or the surrounding area. 
  • An active member moving from the locality of the club or the surrounding area may retain membership in the club where the member's board grants such permission and said active member continues to meet all conditions of club membership.  

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The Rotary Club Munich International presently is open for new membership. As we are an English-speaking international club we strive for a mix of various nationalities. Applications are considered on a 1 : 1 share of foreign and German nationalities, female as well as male. There is currently a waiting list for German nationals.

Prospective members should have a good command of the English language. Expatriates are welcome even though their stay in Germany may be limited.

Members should observe the 50% attendance of all meetings.


If you feel that you fit into this frame and want to apply for membership, kindly contact the club secretary.