On Sunday 6th of December some of our Rotarian friends had the pleasure to attend the extraordinary concert of our rotarian friend and her partner.
This piano-duo showed in an exceptional presentation why they had won the 10th time the Prize of the „Deutsche Schallplattenkritik“ , so often the „Echo Classics“ Prize and many other awards.
„To play the piano four-handed is the closest and most intensive way to perform music“ said Yaara. „And to play with two pianos is most challenging because of the distance of about three meters for the musicians“.
The Duo showed their tremendous repertoire after 30 years experience and search for hidden pieces of 4-handed piano literature. It has been a kind of celebrating their jubilee concert at their hometown in Munich.
From the first delicate tones of Beethoven´s „Waldstein variations“ their program was full of enthusiasm and amazing intonations of Max Reger and Claude Debussy.
The audience showed the great appreciation with standing ovations, and was treated to two encore selections. 
We are very grateful that the participation could collect a generous donation for our Orlandus Lassus Foundation by the Paul Lenz Konzert Agentur.
Frank Hagena
Pictures: Ernst Denk