„The seven last words of our Saviour on the Cross“ had been composed by Joseph Haydn for orchestra, string quartett and also as an oratorium. Addidionally a version for piano had been authorized by Haydn.
In contrast to the original Yaara Tal combined the seven sonatas by Haydn with a very intersting selection out of Arnold Schönberg´s „6 small piano-pieces“ op. 19 and Bela Bartok´s „Dawn“ with specific accents to the  melancholy passion-music.
Before her Solo-Concert at the Allerheiligen Hofkirche of the Munich Residence in the Holy Week before Eastern Yaara Tal  explained her own interpretation of the passion-music in a quite intellectual and personal way giving also some short passages.
With her breathtaking precision and her virtuoso piano playing Yaara Tal presented the humbleness and melancholy of „The seven last words of our Saviour on the Cross“ and created enthusiastic response.
The RC Munich International is grateful to our rotarian friend Yaara Tal, who has been one oft he initiators of  our Orlandus Lassus Foundation and has been one of the active promoters for more than 10 years. Even more we like to thank her because
the sale of the concert tickets will contribute a donation for the Orlandus Lassus Foundation by the organizing Konzertagentur Paul Lenz. 
Frank Hagena