At our club meetings we have so called Black Boxes, which are money boxes used for spontaneous collection for special activities. The Black Boxes were also supported by several donation direct debit lists.
At our last meeting we designated the proceeds for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and in particular for the Hospital in Dhulikhel. We have received a report from the brother of one of our members who has been supporting the Dhulikhel Hospital for several years. In the past we have also been able to help this hospital by our Matching Grants and by other projects. The secretary reported that our club succeeded in collecting the respectable amount of EUR 2,250 for the hospital, our treasurer will now find a way to transfer the money as quickly as possible.

Dhulikhel Hospital is still focusing its effort on saving lives round the clock, after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. 
At the time of writing, the number of patients served stands at over 1200 with varieties of injuries, trauma, wound, and factures. Among the victims, most of the patients are without shelter after their homes were destroyed. Many people are still unaccounted for, in the mean time, the casualties are searching for their lost loved ones, sorted through the rubble for their belongings. Children were cuddling their mothers and are still fearful of aftershock that have not ceased yet.
There are so many more that are not being able to receive help as some roads and trials have been blocked by landslides, therefore, still the injured causalities are yet to arrive in the hospital. 
Dhulikhel Hospital is now slowly facing the shortage of medicines, food items, blankets and much-needed toiletries. Therefore, we would like to now request you all for helping to rebuild our patients, improving lives and reducing pain. The victims need your help.