To strengthen ties to our partner club in Milano and to escape vanity and massive rainfall at home an (almost) mighty dozen of fellow rotarians crossed the Alpes in diverse routes. When in Milan, these humble ambassadors were succinctly guided through the Ambrosian library (being strongly impressed, e.g.,  by scripts such as an illustration of the Iliad fifteen-hundred years old, dozens of Leonardo's drawings and his portrait of a musician) and well-received, with the first course of the dinner being served about entering the club restaurant (Hilton Tucherpark be aware!) so that all had the stamina to listen to the welcome talks and a lecture of one of our Italian friends sparing us only one or two little details of the 19th world exhibition in Milan. 
The next day in the morning was left to human allotria or high culture (e.g. Leonardo's last supper: the preregistration rules give you a high probability to receive a return ticket. - go there before your own l.s.!) and in the afternoon for a wonderful reception and meal in Sacro Monte near San Julia d'Orta. The park struck one as the gral, the Arcadia, the German Weimar cultural classical heroes were longing for.
A short walk (downhill) helped to explore this wonderful spot where friend Peter Schulz von Siemens generously invited everyone to his own arcadia on a small island.
In short, a highly enriching excursion, only shortly interrupted by a rainy thunderstorm our best friend for months now.

View the pictures here.

Other exhibitions will be treated in follow-up visits, being preceded by a Christmas market (and hopefully much beyond) visit of the Italian brigands in Munich. Great thanks to our friend Raoul Cadeddu for arranging this trip to Milan.