After all the trouble I have caused with "my" chess-amongst-Munich-Rotarians idea, I think you might be interested in the "exoneration" that you will find in the subsequent report:


On July 14th, 2012 about a dozen of our Rotarian friends (Lindenbeck, Schiefer, Grosso, Ragnar-Hoffmann, Mahr, Gatti, Kindermann, Caddedu, Bechhofer, Schillmöller, Padhye, Vennemann, Zimmermann) met with almost a dozen external visitors, including children, in the “Münchner Schachakademie”. In the morning we listened to a historical account of the development of the chess game by our Rotarian friend and international chess grand-master Kindermann. He also explained the basic rules and tactics of the game spreading confidence amongst the young and the old generation.

Alas, some of that confidence was lost in the afternoon when our chess guru Kindermann was up to beating five brave men of us (Gatti, Rotarian friend Seeliger from RC Grünwald, two external visitors and past Rotarian president Zimmermann) within less than half an hour in a simultaneous game. We might have done slightly better had there been more players around … Receiving explanations where we could have done better was another highlight of the day.

Early in the afternoon friend Kindermann had presented the history and very successful program of the Schachakademie which celebrates its 5-year-existence next Friday. Visitors are welcome!

The past president does not suffer from insomnia. What he suffers from is getting the dream fulfilled of having two or three other Rotarian Clubs in the Munich area to enter this undertaking and to have one chess tournament amongst Munich Rotarians (just one short afternoon!) being held yearly to further the idea of spreading chess in the schools and, in particular, integrating children from a foreign background more easily into our society.

Thanks to all for participating and making this possible.

Ekkart Zimmermann
(past) President of RC Munich International 2011-12