We obtained record donations at our art auction last Friday, much more than expected. The donations will be transformed into long-term support for the Orlandus-Lassus Foundation, Rotary4Hauner and the Rotaract KidsCamp. The thanks of the president and the club go to all bidders who, with their bids made it happen.




We also observed a record participation from club members and guests. The conference room was even more packed than in the past with over 250 participants and we counted up to 25 clubs from the region being present with one or more representatives. This can certainly be attributed to our marketing efforts: vis-a-vis other clubs, use of personal contacts of many club members beyond the organization team and professional media coverage (even in "Süddeutsche Zeitung") organized during the last days.

Special thanks go to our members who marketed the event, all the helpers on the day and also to our Rotaract Club who was present with a large number of members and lent a helping hand.

Looking forward to next year's auction!