RCMI started into 2017 with interesting presentations and many guests. For an overview of the month of January please read on…
On January 9th Johann Hoffman spoke on Industry 4.0. He demonstrated how the production industry has changed from Model Y over Lean Management and segmentation to “Industry 4.0”. He showed the need for assistance systems in complex systems and situations using electric brake distribution as an example.
On January 16th, Orlandus Lassus scholar Alexandra Hajdu fascinated with a presentation about herself and her career as an oboist as well as with a beautiful performance of several pieces from Gilles Silvestrini’s 6 Tableaux pour Hautbois, each accompanied with a piece of art:
1. Hôtel des Roches noires à Trouville (picture: Claude Monet 1870)
4. Sentier dans les bois (picture: Auguste Renoir 1874)
6. Le ballet espagnol (picture: Edouard Manet 1862)
On January 23rd, Dr. Nikolaus Lang, Senior Partner and member of the Leadership Team, Center for Digital in Automotive at The Boston Consulting Group, gave us an insight into Future scenarios for the city as a result of autonomous cars. Dr. Lang suggested that there will be a dramatic shift from today’s mobility towards autonomous driving, only comparable to the one from horse carriages to cars. The important players in today’s automotive market will have to build alliances to remain competitive. Traditional car makers are already teaming up with the digital world and vice versa.
On January 30th, Tania Johnston introduced us to ESO Supernova, a new planetarium and visitor centre being built currently in Garching near Munich. The centre will provide a free space for visitors to learn about astronomy in general as well as about ESO in particular. It is set to open in May 2018 and will be fully accessible to those with disabilities.
Highlights include:
•              Planetarium Shows
•              Astronomy Exhibition
•              Guided Tours through the exhibition and ESO
•              Workshops for schools
•              Teacher trainings
•              Public talks
All services will be offered in German and English language.
At RCMI we are looking forward to more interesting presentations and opportunities for fundraising as 2017 unrolls!