Our Orlandus Lassus scholar Anna Buchberger took a very important step towards her career.
Anna Buchberger, who was awarded with an Orlandus Lassus Foundation scholarship between 2009 – 2012, played a piano recital as part of her examinations of the master's  degree to complete her studies in the class of Professor Margarita Höhenrieder. Everyone in the audience was  truly moved by the concert last Thursday, the 11th of February at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich.
With her choice of repertoire, including three major works by Schubert, Beethoven and Chopin, Anna's performance revealed a broad and very refined range of sound spectrum as well as impeccable technique. She was duly rewarded with a roaring and longlasting applause by the greatly enthusiastic audience, amongst those, a few Rotarians from our club were present to support her. The attending rotarian fellows Anna Ragnar-Hoffmann, PP Ekkart Zimmermann and Prof Frank Hagena experienced the brilliant performance.
Needless to say, Anna passed her examinations with the finest marks and we are proud of her presentation which deserves our utmost admiration.
The fellows of the Rotary Club Munich-International and the Orlandus Lassus Foundation are looking forward to following Anna's musical career and wish her all the best for her future.
Frank Hagena