Our city of Munich is filled with fascinating history and architecture that have been influenced by numerous cultures throughout the ages.

One such influence that continues to shape our city's charm is the Italian influence. To explore this unique aspect, we at the Rotary Club Munich-International, organized a remarkable event - a guided walking tour led by our licensed guide Ms. Bettina Lerchenmüller (very much recommended by us).

This tour, with its focus on Italian influences in Munich's history and architecture, was designed to offer participants an intimate view of the city. From the design aesthetics to historical narratives, we discovered how Italy's touch has contributed to Munich's unique blend of tradition and innovation (Tambosi, Theatinerkirche, Residenz, Alte Posthaus, Italian Buildings, etc.)

This wonderful event was not only about appreciating Munich's architectural splendor and historical richness. It was about building connections - with the city we live in and the people we share it with. As Rotarians, we believe in fostering fellowship and understanding, and there was no better way to embody these values than through this shared experience.

Immense gratitude to our guide, Bettina Lerchenmüller, to our Member Conny for the organization and the vibrant city we call home.