Posted by Anna Ragnar-Hoffmann

RCMI Club member Yaara Tal and her partner Andreas Groethuysen delight a large audience at the Herkulessaal, Munich.


Photo: Christiane Krüger

About 180 Rotarians and guests were amongst the audience in a recital for two pianos of internationally celebrated piano-duo Yaara Tal and Andreas Groethuysen on November 25th in Herkulessaal der Residenz. The  programmme which the duo named "Die Berauschten, Wagnerverehrung an beiden Rheinufern" included transcriptions of Richard Wagner´s works by Claude Debussy, Paul Dukas and not least by Alfred Pringsheim (1941), professor of mathematics in Munich and Wagner connoisseur, as well as Debussy´s suite "En blanc et noir", thus strongly focusing on Wagner´s influence on French music.


The brilliant and extremely refined performance of the evening´s remarkable and meticulously planned programme was thankfully received by an utmost attentive and enthusiastic audience, who after Götterdämmerung burst into thunderous applause. The artists generously offered two encores.


Many thanks to club member Yaara Tal and her partner Andreas Groethuysen for a wonderful evening.


Anna Ragnar-Hoffmann