Last Monday our club members and many guests celebrated their own special Rotary Club Munich International Christmas Party.
President Burkhard Gessner welcomed the participants with a champagne reception kindly donated by the Hilton Hotel.
Our secretary Nathalie Mahr donated some beautiful poinsettias which enhanced the finely decorated tables with additional Christmas cheer.
After a rendition by our president of the moving story of the old but satisfied woman who harvested gratefulness with a pocket full of beans, our members did their best in mastering some popular English carols, accompanied by Pedro Aguiar from Brasil, Scholar of the Orlandus Lassus Foundation
The buffet dinner delighted all present. After the first course, Past President Michael Vogel entertained the members and guests with an Auction of a special work of art, a piece by Nicolai Vogel "Orange ist aus" depicting a refreshing towel in a frame. The unusual piece was donated by a member and auctioned off by American auction, where each bidder just paid the difference to the previous bid. 
In the end the picture was sold for € 1250, the winner only paying €100 for it. The full amount goes to the charity project of the Rotaract Club.
Happy past presidents Michael Vogel and Peter Llewellyn-Davies with the unusual piece of art.
This was then followed by some classical music by the Orlandus Lassus scolar Pedro Aguiar, who enhanced the event with a beautiful rendition of a Brazilian folk song with the classical guitar.
After an enjoyable main course, President Julian Schwarting and Members of Rotaract Munich International performed a screenplay in regard to a project for School Kids in Malawi.
Red and White Wines were provided by our treasurer Peter Ulrich at 25€ per bottle (this includes a donation of 10€ for Club Projects, the rest going to the Hilton Hotel).
Finally the members and guests did their very best to recite the old carol Oh holy night, directed by Anna Ragnar Hoffmann and accompanied by Pedro Aguiar.
After an exhilarating evening our Club President Burkhard Gessner said farewell and  passed on his best Christmas wishes.