A full house was not really expected, but so many Rotarians and guests came to the meeting to celebrate a new Rotarian year in the Schloss Blutenburg that additional tables and more food had to be organised, giving us a later start and finish than planned. In the end despite the very warm temeratures almost full presence and a wonderful evening for all.

Immediate Past President Peter Llewellyn-Davies started the meeting as usual and held his parting speech.


After introducing the long list of guests and presenting on the Rotary International Convention in Montreal, he reviewed the past Rotarian year; 7 new members and 2 exits, 3 babies, one of which was a new club founded (RC Munich-Bogenhausen), 1 marriage, 1 new partner club (RC Milan International, 9 projects financed and a record €150,000 in gross proceeds for the club. He thanked the members for the trust placed in him and his team for the past year and thanked each board member individually for their voluntary input, despite a full business and personal life. Rotary is not just about meetings and projects, but friendship and fellowship. And looking at all the open hearts and faces and the friends at the meeting, we have surely achieved a rare thing at this club, to be Rotary with your heart and your soul, the motto for 2009/2010. The speech was followed by a standing ovation by all present.

After dinner the Imm. Past President handed over bell, the "billy" key and the responsibility over the the new President, Gabriele Wahl-Multerer. He wished her all the best for the upcoming year and offered his full support for the new board.

President Wahl-Multerer's speech was focussed on her motto "Building Bridges". Her speech and her motto is published at the top of the home page.

Most members stayed on well past midnight for a great example of Rotarian fellowship and friendship.

Exactly what Rotary is all about.