On Monday, October 24th, 2016, RCMI members and friends had the pleasure of enjoying the 10 year anniversary concert of the Orlandus Lassus Foundation, which we have been supporting for many years.
The night began with a highly interesting presentation and a historical tour of the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” by Dr. Alexander Krause, the chancellor of the conservatory.
 At 8pm, we entered the concert hall in anticipation of the talented scholars we would be seeing.
After a warm greeting by Thomas Northoff, chair of the Orlandus Lassus Foundation, RCMI president Thomas Eilfort and Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann, president of the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” the program began.
Alexandra Hajdu (scholar in 2016) on the oboe and Aya Ishihara on the piano started us off with a piece by Marina Dranishnikova.
Next up were Almuth Siegel & Ágnes Pusker (scholar in 2013/14), also known as the duo ASAP, with their violins. The duo, which is well-known to the Club from their wonderful performance at this years’ change of guards meeting, played an excerpt form a sonata by Sergei Prokofiev.
Finishing off the first half of the concert was Anna Buchberger (scholar in 2009 and 2012) on the piano with an emotional piece by Franz Liszt.
After a quick refreshment, the young Viviane Vassileva stunned the audience with an impressive performance on the Marimba. With four hammers – two in each hand – she played a very fast-paced piece by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic. Viviana received a special grant from the foundation in 2015.
Next up were pianist and composer Elena Tarabanova and soprano Milena Bischoff. They performed a composition by Elena Tarabanova herself with lyrics taken from Aldous Huxley. Elena Tarabanova was a scholar in 2014/15 and received a special grant for composition in 2016.
Everyone was happy to see 2015/16 scholar Pedro Aquiar, whom we had the pleasure to welcome in the club several months ago, again. Pedro Aquiar played a piece by Johan Dubez on his guitar.
Finishing off the hugely successful evening was Manuel Druminski on the violin, who was a scholar in 2007 and 2009, with Tatiana Chernichka on the piano. They performed a sonata by Maurice Ravel.
All scholars showed impressive skills and talent. RCMI members and friends are grateful for the wonderful evening and will continue their support for the foundation.