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Munich International
Hilton Park Hotel
Am Tucherpark 7
Munich,  80538

Intelligent intuition - the human trump card in the digital age

How to make optimal use of the powers of our intuition - how can we understand them better, and how can we develop them further? How do we protect ourselves from typical intuitive mistakes? As a unique feature, our concept “Königsplan” shows how executives can connect their valuable intuition with structured and strategic planning and thus make good decisions in a complex environment under time pressure.

In management, decisions have to be made ever more quickly, the complexity of these decisions grows, the consequences of our decisions become more far-reaching, and thus the personal pressure we are subjected to grows as well. 

For chess professionals, such a scenario is an everyday occurrence; they have learnt, over the course of centuries, to deal with it in an optimal way. In the course of digitalisation, all rational-strategic processes will be taken over gradually by artificial intelligence. It is all the more important to enhance our understanding of humanity´s very own and unique trump card, and to develop it further, to wit, our intuition. Fast as lightning, a well-working gut instinct draws from the full treasure of our entire life´s knowledge and experience, and makes the real difference between top executives and less successful managers. At the same time, studying this vital area meticulously is required in order to connect, in the future, the strategic-digital sphere with the sphere of human creativity and intuition and to create a network between the pertaining sections.