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By Barry Rasin, President Rotary International
“In the forefront of this year’s logo is the crest of a breaking wave, representing my island home of the Bahamas, and the sea that surrounds it. The sea represents inspiration, and the waves are that inspiration striking land. Waves are a primal force of nature: constant, dependable, and unstoppable, they change the world not only through their strength, but also through their constancy.
I consider Rotary to be another force of nature: an unstoppable force that brings positive change throughout the world. The sea derives its size and strength not from one source, but from the combination of many sources. Rivulets that ran down mountains, streams that snaked through valleys, and rivers that coursed through megacities, all come together as one united whole. As a sea, they are inspiration; as a wave, they are impact. When we see this wave we see the strength of our combined efforts, and the untold reach we have as global citizens, people of action, and Rotarians.

The multi-coloured sunbeams behind our wave symbolize the diversity found in Rotary and the energy this dynamic, living background brings to every initiative in which we take part. We have different backgrounds, different cultures, and different abilities. And yet these differences do not separate us; rather they unite us, because our vision is one.

Trachoma is a terrible eye disease that can be easily prevented with proper hygiene and basic facilities such as clean water and towels. Yet Australia has the embarrassing record of being the only developed country where Trachoma is still being recorded.
Rotary's 'End Trachoma 2020' program, championed by former Rotary International president Ian Riseley, plans to end the disease in Australia by the year after next. Rotarian Sally Dell told RCoTC members the sad facts about Trachoma and appealed for donations of soap, shampoo and money to help buy new manchester or washing machines. 
If you can help, click HERE
Thanks Maree for an extremely interesting disquisition last week on Facebook in general and our Facebook site
in particular.
Maree almost convinced me that I should join up but then she reminded us that we could see the posts from an internet search , so sorry but I'm still a Facebook Philistine. More seriously, though, Maree is doing a fantastic job promoting this club and its activities through Facebook!
Bill Degnan, Ian Leversha and I have been discussing the major fundraising project I mooted last meeting.  Whilst Bill and I have reviewed a number of potential locations, there is still a lot of work required before this proposal (or another derivative) has wings.  If you would like to be involved with this scoping project, please let any one of us know.
Marion and I have been engaged with the District RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) Team to gather information suitable to present to local small to medium size businesses to promote RYLA as an attractive leadership program for their young achievers.  There is more work to do here to finalise this proposal and there is an opportunity to be involved here too.
Greg Samson has been busy developing a proposal for Corporate membership of this Club.  Information was sent to you via email on 10 August.  Please consider the information and respond directly to Greg so that we can finalise this proposal. (Greg's proposals and links are also included in this bulletin)
      August is Rotary's Membership and Extensions month, when clubs focus on their membership, what can be done to attract new members and the value of having a vibrant and diverse membership. 
      Traralgon Central is part of District 9820, which covers an area from the Mornington Peninsula to Orbost and the NSW border. The district has organised a special membership forum to help focus attention on the many things that can be done to attract and bolster membership at a time when there are many demands on people's time especially in the volunteering sector.
      The forum will be held at Nossal High School, Berwick on Saturday October 13 from 10am to 4pm. There will be many guest speakers who will look at the issue from several angles. 
      Whether you are of Eskimo stock or born somewhere near the Equator there is no doubt it was slightly south of comfortable at the Bunnings barbecue on Sunday. But, being hardy Rotarians, we carried on for a successful day.  Ian W will let us know how successful in the near future. He was last seen heading towards the Bunnings counting house muttering something about sitting close to the heater!
      A reminder from Ian that we will return to Bunnings on Thursday August 30 for the annual Family Night barbecue when the sausages and drink are free. Set-up time is 5.30pm with the event starting at 6pm for a 8pm finish. The volunteers are: Alan, Greg, Frank, Peter, Marion, Bill. Ian will deliver the goods to the trailer in the morning.
      Ian Whitehead has compiled the final figures and notes for the Give a Damn. Give a Can appeal.
      Final count:                   Approx         9200
      Who gave what:            Schools.        79%
                                              Kerb bins      17%
                                              Community     4%
      Impressive Stats: 11 schools and 22 kerbside bin locations. There were 22 other community/sports groups.
      Income & Expenditure: Income  $4100. Expenditure $4400
      Acquittal to City Trust: Completed (meaning we can apply for future funds)
      RYLA is a three-day residential high energy program for young leaders aged 18 and 25
      Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program includes thought-provoking plenaries, discussion moderators, and professional facilitators from many disciplines. Discussions and experiential sessions focus on what leadership is, qualities of leadership, team-building activities, time and stress management.
      Learn more about the RYLA program HERE
      Some pictures from a very successful changeover night earlier this month. The special guest was District Governor Janne Speirs who will be returning to the club on Monday August 27 for her official DG's visit.