Speaker Verinica D'Silva and John P (Rotarian)
Our breakfast meeting at Brookland’s last Wednesday was a pleasant change from our evening routine.
The venue and food was fine and the atmosphere for the meeting was very pleasant. Our speaker Veronica D’Silva was excellent and related well to our group.
The concept was very good but our visitor numbers and member numbers (about 14) were lower than anticipated
We did receive several apologies. With more time and more targeting of business personnel, perhaps in the new year about March we can repeat the  format.
Veronica D’Silva from Counting Wealth, is a qualified CPA with over 17 years experience and works hard to provide creative solutions to suit the goals of local businesses.
“We are a successful business advice professional service firm, specialising in tax planning, superannuation and audit services.”
She succinctly outlined 10 key factors for successful businesses These are summarised below:
1. Seek help for areas of need.
2 Start with the end in mind. (Steve Covey)
3. Have vision and core values
4. “Why” you provide this business.
5. Budget and monitor
6. Use the four Pillars of people, purpose, customers and money.
7.Work ON the business.
8. Set goals, make plans and measure progress.
9.Have a business succession plan
We agreed that all of these factors also apply to running a successful Rotary Club.
Our meeting finished at 8:15.am.

Bunnings DIY Garden Day 

Following a call from Bunnings on Wednesday John P, John R
and Victor were able to help with the lunch distribution for thise attending.
Bunnings presented a gift voucher to the club for their assistance.