Rotary Club of Mansfield, Texas

Walnut Creek Country Club
1151 Country Club Drive
Mansfield, TX  76063
United States of America

Eddie Penney began his professional career opting to work in service to his country in the United States Marine Corps where he received foundational tactical training and taught as an urban terrain instructor specializing in creating calm reactions in the face of emergencies. Once his initial tour of duty was accomplished he enlisted into the United States Navy and completed SEAL training initially joining Seal Team 2. After five years of exemplary service including two active duty deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Eddie was promoted to SEAL Team 6 where he served an additional 7 years. He completed 5 additional deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa while performing hundreds of operations including: Direct Action Ops, Medical Evacuations, Executive Protection, Security Advances and Surveillance. His leadership roles during this time were that of Assault Troop Lead Breacher, Troop Leading Petty Officer, Command Breacher, Training Lead Petty Officer and Battlefield Interrogator. When Eddie’s tours of duty were concluded he still desired to give back to his country and spent time training the next generation of Navy SEALs for operational duty overseas in hostile environments.

During his 20 years as a combat veteran and Navy SEAL, Eddie has had extensive training and experience with unique and unconventional methods in security that produce results. With his experience and knowledge, he founded and now operates Contingent Group, which is a risk mitigation company that bases their security techniques on each client’s particular needs.
Contingent Group provides customized, adaptive and flexible security solutions in the form of a full-service consulting, development and implementation security company serving in both foreign and domestic capacities.

Contingent Group is comprised of exceptional, highly trained, and experienced former and current Navy SEALs, Special Forces, military, intelligence analysts, Law Enforcement, SWAT and other specialized professionals. Under Eddie’s leadership their goal is to creatively, strategically and vigilantly provide for all of your security needs at home and abroad with integrity, professionalism and discretion. The core belief of Contingent Group is serving their fellow man by keeping them safe, enhancing their ability to complete their goals and objectives, and preventing those who mean to cause harm.

Contingent Group seeks to provide a non-invasive fully operational security presence for clients and their assets utilizing under the radar creative solutions in everyday issues. Using underlying systems and cultural norms, Contingent Group is committed to mitigating risks. Their experts are top notch in the security industry with extensive training in both armed and unarmed endeavors. Their combined general and specialized security experience encompasses both foreign and domestic operations for organizations, and executives alike.