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Membership Committee- L. V. Coffee, chair This committee should develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment and retention of members. Programs Chair - L. V. Coffee Classifications - Jim Bruton Inductions - Barbara Love How does one become a Rotarian? Membership is by invitation. Members are chosen to represent their respective business or profession. What is expected of a Rotarian? Rotary is built upon fellowship and service, and friendship is enhanced by being at club meetings. A member is expected to attend club meetings. It is understood that, among busy people, a problem of attendance may arise. When members miss a meeting, they are expected to "make-up" at another Rotary Club. This is easy since there are over 29,300 Rotary Clubs in 170 countries and geographical areas of the world. There are approximately 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide. Each make-up affords the Rotarian a splendid opportunity to broaden their acquaintance and to bring back to their club information and ideas that can improve their club's operations and programs. What is Rotary Service? The emphasis of Rotary is placed upon creating, within individuals, the Ideal of Service. Members are encouraged and supported in their personal activities in civic, youth services, and public service organizations. It is from their club that most members draw the volunteers they need for worthy service activities. The individual clubs and Rotary International undertake a wide variety of service activities in vocation, community and international promotion of goodwill and understanding. What are the benefits of membership? You broaden your circle of friends and acquaintances. You keep "in touch" with the mainstream of community life and the people which make it "tick". You obtain increased knowledge of business and professions other than your own and you gain a sympathetic understanding of the problems of others. You develop your talents and capacities in roles of leadership and support. You gain recognition for yourself and your business or profession by participating in an organization dedicated to service in the areas of vocation, community and international goodwill and understanding. You are enabled to express, in a practical way, those nobler desires found in every person who wants to make a contribution to the betterment of society. You find new outlets for your goods and services and you find individuals with whom to share your hobby interests. You develop contacts in every business and profession represented in the club membership. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the business experience of others. You increase your knowledge of world affairs and you receive a keener appreciation of the customs and culture of other people. You will have a warm welcome and a friendly contact in almost every city in the world. What is the cost of belonging? The cost of membership has three aspects. There is a financial cost (TREASURE), a service cost (TIME) and an emotional or spirit cost (TALENT). Financial Cost (Treasure): Annual dues (pro-rated) are $160.00; included is a subscription to "The Rotarian," a monthly Rotary Magazine, and Rotary Views, our award winning weekly bulletin. In addition a Rotarian purchases his or her own meal weekly. Meal costs are currently $8.00 per lunch. Rotarians can opt to pay quarterly. We expect each of our Rotarians to become sustaining members of Paul Harris Fellow. This is an additional $8.00 per month. As the fund reaches $1,000.00 a member who has not been awarded a Paul Harris Fellow will be drawn from a hat and awarded the Paul Harris. The goal of the club is to make every member a Paul Harris Fellow. In addition we have several fundraisers a year and have club events (dinners) to attend. The Rotary Foundation (Treasure and or Time): Rotarians are asked to voluntarily contribute financial support to the Rotary International Foundation and its projects. Some of those projects include matching money for medical equipment for a clinic in Zimbabwe, immunization of Rumanian orphans, sewing machines for indigent women in India, Pakistan eye camps, and Polio Plus in unison with the United Nations World Health Organization. Service Cost (Time): Members are expected to volunteer and participate in Club projects and activities. Members are also "recognized" in a humorous manner at meetings to accord an individual Rotarian proper recognition of achievements in the local and international community, and for contributions of service to the club. Spirit Cost (Talent): Part of the Service cost is investing your energy in the beliefs that the concepts of Rotary (service above self and the advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional people united in the ideal of service) are values that can be support by all mankind no matter their race, creed, or nationality. If you are interested in more information, you can contact us at - Eastland Rotary Club PO Box 632 Eastland, Texas 76448 Or e-mail our membership Chair L. V. Coffee at: The online address listed below is for those of you who can't make a meeting here is an easy way to make up while at the office: Shortcut to: Thank you for learning more about Rotary and the Eastland Rotary Club.