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Kent Baxter to Present: Hurricane Harvey and Building Our Own Culture of Preparedness, December 21
Kent Baxter is a long-term member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 6 office, here in Denton, TX.  Kent has served you and our citizens in areas such as floodplain management, mitigation grants, hurricane preparedness, and recovery efforts.  Kent presently serves as a Management Analyst in the Office of the Regional Administrator.  Today, Kent will be speaking on FEMA’s response to 3 major hurricane, with emphasis on Hurricane Harvey which hit the Texas coast a little over 3 months ago.  He will also speak about how we as individuals and companies need to adopt a culture of preparedness for our families and employees.
Matt Richardson to Speak to the DRC, December 7
Dr. Matt Richardson was appointed as the Director of Public Health for Denton County in the summer of 2014.  Dr. Richardson served as Director of Public Health for the City of Amarillo and Potter/Randall Counties for the previous 9 years.  His prior experience includes public health preparedness and response, corporate health consulting, and private physician practice management.  Dr. Richardson has several peer-reviewed publications, has testified to the Texas Legislature regarding public issues and continues to advocate for public health practice and resources for Denton County and the state of Texas.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Abilene Christian University and both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Public Health from the UNT HSC School of Public Health with concentrations of health administration and health management/policy.  Dr. Richardson currently serves on the site review teams for the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH) to accredit public health programs and schools across the US.  Matt lives in Argyle with his wife of 21 years and their two daughters.
Rotarian Rick Woolfolk to Speak to Denton Rotary About the Rotary Foundation, November 30
Seth Cochran to Speak to the DRC, November 16: "The Worst Thing You Never Heard About" 
Seth Cochran is on a mission to end obstetric fistula, the worst thing you’ve never heard about. In this presentation, Seth is going to help you understand this devastating condition and why it matters to you. You will learn why Seth left a sky-rocking career in private equity to devote himself entirely to ending what he calls “the world’s most concrete and addressable injustice.” Fistula is all at once an unspeakable tragedy, an opportunity for gargantuan impact, and the best value-for-money in the charity world. The way Operation Fistula is planning to end fistula over the next three decades uses cutting-edge innovation that will have ripple effects across global health. Seth is excited to share his story and the story of Africa’s forgotten women with the Rotary club.
Connie Hay to Speak to Denton Rotary, November 9
Roman McAllen to Speak to Denton Rotary, November 2
Roman McAllen serves as the historic preservation officer for the city of Denton. Previously he worked for the City of Brownsville as historic preservation officer and as a planner; while in Brownsville he served on the Cameron County Crime Stoppers Board. He is an Associate of the American Institute of Architects. Roman holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, attended law school at the University of Houston and has a bachelor’s degree in Business. He has written numerous articles on preservation and planning for regional publications and served as a lecturer and panelist for various regional and statewide conferences.  His family has been in Texas for 5 recorded generations.
Laura Behrens to Speak to the DRC, October 26
Linus Wright to Speak to the Denton Rotary Club, October 19
Toni Johnson Simpson, Executive Director, Friends of the Family, to Speak to DRC, October 5, "The news you'll love to know about Denton County Friends of the Family Agency"
As the sole provider of comprehensive services for victims of sexual and domestic violence in Denton County, FOTF provides compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. FOTF partners with our community to promote safety, hope, healing, justice, and prevention.  Ms. Johnson-Simpson brings over 16 years nonprofit management, 12 of those with Friends of the Family.  She oversees all aspects of the agency, working in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the community to provide the continuous, comprehensive services FOTF is known for, to those in our community who have been impacted by sexual and domestic violence.
Phillip Andrews to Speak to the DRC, September 28
Phil Andrews was one of the country’s first robotic engineers, well before computers were invented. He is currently the Managing Director of Biz Smarter, a business consulting firm.  He previously worked for other consulting firms, including Deloitte and Booz Allen, and was the COO of EDS’ Consulting Division.  His client list includes General Motors, Caterpillar, LTV, 3M, Sprint, HP, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). 
Andrews’ background includes senior positions with EDS, Case Corporation, and General Electric.  He has also worked for IBM, Deere, and Ford.  He holds BSIE and MBA degrees, and has certifications and diplomas from professional organizations. 
He has served on the Board of Directors of non-profits and businesses, and he is currently involved as a senior mentor for the three Innovations Centers.  He has co-authored 4 business books (the latest one is called Holistic Innovation), has taught robotics at Florida Tech, and he is invited to speak as a guest lecturer at SMU, UTD and other schools.  His main topics are Sustainability, Smart Factories, Smart Cities and The Sparks of Innovation. 
Marc Leibman to Speak to the DRC, "Dealing with North Korea Through the Eyes of Seventh Fleet,” September 21
Marc is a leader who shares his rich experience as a U.S. Naval officer with experience all over the globe. He’s since been an executive who enjoyed success in big companies and small businesses. He has worked in Europe, Africa, and Asia and shares hard-earned lessons on leadership, sales and business development.
His talk will be timely. The North Korean regime is a mystery to most Americans.  It is a closed society about which Marc can provide some insight into three areas. 
One, why the leader of North Korea does what he does.  Two, why Trump’s strategy might work.  Three, what are the military options?
All three will be presented through the “eyes” of Seventh Fleet by someone who was the Navy’s senior representative on the Commander, U.N. Forces Korea’s Joint Targeting Board. Seventh Fleet is based in Japan and besides Korea, its area of responsibility includes the eastern half of the Indian Ocean east to the International Date Line.
Dr. James Alexander to Speak to the DRC, “What Makes Denton Great,” September 14
Rotarian James Alexander has enjoyed a distinguished career combining roles as professor of political science, academic leader and administrator, and elected public servant.  Dr. Alexander is Director of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas at Texas Woman’s University, where he also is Emeritus Professor of Government.  He served as Chair of the Department of History and Government at TWU for twenty-three years.
September 7, Anyah Martinez to Speak to the Denton Rotary Club
Anyah Martinez is a mother of three. Education is a theme in her life. She has attended, volunteered, and worked in public schools and universities, and completed teacher certification coursework. As an undergraduate student, she majored in Sociology and minored in Family Studies. She obtained an MS in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis on parent involvement. Participating in Leadership Denton class of 2007 stimulated an interest in local government, and lit a fire to support and retain locally-owned businesses in Denton.
Volunteering in the community with many organizations helped her better serve the community. She has served three terms on the Denton Public Library Board. Using the relationships she’s built over the past 21 years in Denton, Anyah hopes to build an experiential learning program through Explorium Denton. Anyah is fueled by her experiences not just with her own children, but the countless others with whom her path has crossed, and the life experiences and interest that have led to this chapter of her life.
Denton Rotary Welcomes Our New Exchange Student, Paula Dähne, from Germany
Paula had a great time at the Fair and Rodeo. As she said, it was on her bucket list. She got herself a cowboy hat. She also enjoyed a corny dog and funnel cake for the first time along with fresh lemonade. Bull riders thrilled Paula the most, and she says she is not inclined to try barrel racing. Seen in the photo on the right with Rotary host, Alicia Mentell.
District Governor, Chris McLucas to Speak to DRC, August 31
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of North Texas – OLLI at UNT, August 24
Lifelong learning is not just a school or a program or a project. Lifelong learning can be a commitment that one makes to himself. It’s like saying, “this is the way I choose to grow old.”
Research tells us that lifelong learners are happier, healthier and live longer. Why lifelong learning? Simply stated, because it is good for your health and good for everyone around you.
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of North Texas – OLLI at UNT was formerly, Emeritus College. Rotarian Max Morley has been teaching classes there since 2012.
Today, the Osher Foundation supports 120 lifelong learning programs on university and college campuses, with at least one grantee in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Class Locations for OLLI at UNT, beginning Fall 2017, are at the UNT Denton Campus, the Robson Ranch Clubhouse, and the UNT College at Frisco.  Go to:
Dr. Adam Briggle to Speak to the DRC, August 17
Why is Service a Four Letter Word for Academics?
Rotarians make a big deal about service – it’s your #1 value. Not so for us academics. Indeed, it is the bottom of the barrel. In my world there are three values and they are ranked like this: #1 Research; #2 Teaching; #3 Service. And let me tell you that service is a very distant third.
When we talk about service we mean things like serving on committees for our department and college. Or we mean serving on editorial boards for journals. Or we mean, ugh, the dreaded stuff of popularizing our ideas for the unwashed masses. All of this is looked down upon, because it is not considered intellectual work. It is not the real deal.
In this talk, you’ll get to know what’s behind this attitude --  a certain mythology about the way knowledge relates to society. A Zen koan-like puzzle lies at the heart of this myth.
But more, I believe the academy needs to rethink this mythology. We need to structure our intellectual work as acts of service. For this, Socrates is a good model, inspiring some in our department to start practicing as field philosophers.
U.S. Flag Repairers - Thanks Rotarians
Thanks to Rotarians, Mike Gregory, Randy Robinson, Jim Engelbrecht, Doreen Rue, Dean Perkins, Bob Moses, Jack Thomson, Paul Meltzer, and Max Morley for repairs, on August 5, 2017, to about a hundred U.S. flags for the Rotary Flag Program. 
DISD Superintendent Jamie Wilson, "Tax Ratification and Growth in Denton ISD," August 10
The Denton ISD Board of School Trustees named Dr. Jamie Wilson superintendent of schools in July 2012. During his 24-year career he has built a reputation through public education advocacy, growth management and instructional innovation. His life-long ties to the Denton community positioned him to become the leader of the school system.
As a collaborator, Dr. Wilson has forged unprecedented partnerships with local business, universities and organizations. Most recently, the district co-founded Mentor Denton which seeks to place an adult mentor with each of the districts at-risk students, which account for 42 percent of the district’s 28,000 students.
Dr. Wilson joined Denton ISD in 2005 as assistant superintendent for secondary academic programs, where he immediately focused on improving educational programs for the district's growing student population. He is committed to student engagement with a focus on student achievement. During the five years he's served as deputy superintendent, Dr. Wilson has played a major role in managing the district finances, especially in 2011 when the state cut public school funding and the local district's revenue by $11 million.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards RYLA Participants to Speak to DRC, August 3
Congratulations, Adrian Rodriguez, Rotarian Rookie of the Year 2017
Congratulations, DRC Honorary Rotarian, Joseph Pinson
Joseph Pinson, MA, MT-BC, retired in 2013 as Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at Texas Woman’s University. He joined TWU in 1997, after serving as Music Director at Denton State Supported Living Center for 23 years. He holds degrees in music from Southern Methodist University and the American University.  He has written more than 100 hymns, songs, and works for various ensembles that have been published and recorded. He has been a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers since 1983. In 2009, Mr. Pinson received the Community Arts Recognition Award for the Greater Denton Arts Council.  He is director of the Denton Bell Band, a choir composed of adults with intellectual disabilities.  He and his wife Sara have resided in Denton since 1969. They have two children and four grandchildren.
Dan Venjohn: DRC Vocational Service Award 2017
Congratulations Dan and Maggie Venjohn! Presentation is by DRC President-Elect, Jim Englebrecht.
Thanks, Outgoiing Prez, Todd Price! Welcome, Incoming Prez, Jim Engelbrecht!
Outstanding Rotarians 2017 - Rita Burleson, Club Service; Jack Kearney, Rotarian of the Year
William Hale to Speak To Denton Rotary July 27
For almost 15 years, William Hale has been teaching businesses how incorporating humor into their sales game can improve their customer engagement and grow their bottom line.  As a former host of his own tv and radio show, a comedian, a corporate speaker, and a business consultant, his message of using humor for business growth, customer engagement, sales strategy, brand loyalty, and workforce cohesion has reached thousands. 
He is a Certified Laughter Therapist, Licensed Coach and Trainer with Team USA Basketball, and a Business Owner. He operates under a simple motto, “Life is too short not to laugh so smile while you still have teeth.”  Today he’s here to share with us insights from his talk titled, “Give Your Business a Shot of HAHAdrenaline: Strategies for Engaging and Selling with Humor You Wish You Knew Before.”
July 13, 2017 - Water Wells for Healthy Families: Our Global Grant to Ethiopia
Ethiopia is one of many nations that lack access to clean, potable water. The Rotary Foundation recognizes this crisis and has designated Sanitation and Water to be one of the six major areas for funding and Rotary work.  The data that is astounding to most Americans is that this problem results in a huge burden of illness, especially for children. Diarrheal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, and is responsible for killing around 525 000 children every year.
The Northwest Austin Rotary Club as received a Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation to provide 12 water wells or clean springs to rural communities in Ethiopia.  The two Denton Rotary Clubs are participants in the grant giving funds to provide one of the wells. This project begins in June 2017.  
Kent Miller is former pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church and member and former president of the Denton Rotary Club.  He is now retired and lives in Austin.
Denton Rotary Five Avenues of Service
Community Service encourages every Rotarian to find ways to improve the quality of life for people in their communities and to serve the public interest.
John graduated from the University of Houston in 1977 with a degree in Business, and from the University of North Texas in 1981 with an MBA in Accounting, Business Management, and Systems Design. He received his CPA certification in 1983. After spending more than 10 years working for Fortune 100 companies, John opened his own practice in Denton in 1986. He resides in Denton with his wife, Tracey. He has two children, and four grandchildren.
Past Chairman of the Texas Association of Black Chambers
Past Chairman of Denton County Friends of the Family
Past Chairman of United Way of Denton County
Past Board Member of Channel 13/Channel 2 KERA
Past Board Member of Denton Chamber of Commerce
Past Board Member of Public Utility Board - City of Denton
Past Board Member of  Serve Denton
Board Member of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
Denton Chamber of Commerce Member
Member of Denton Black Chamber of Commerce  - Treasurer
Member TSCPA Board
Motivational Speaker
Children's Storyteller
Talented singer for miscellaneous occasions
Billy Johnson to Speak to the DRC, May 4
Prior to joining the UNT College of Business as the Executive Director of the Professional Leadership Program in 2012, Billy served in several roles as a Talent Director for Deloitte Services, LLP. Deloitte is the largest professional services organization globally, providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services.
Billy is a graduate of Pepperdine University where he received his Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and he completed his undergraduate education at California State University - Northridge, with a Major in Political Science.
Dr. Gene Davenport to Speak to the DRC on July 6
Visioning a Vibrant Future of Service - May 1, 2020, marks the Centennial for the RC of Denton. This milestone presents a special occasion for renewal of our core values. Every member will want to participate in the creation of a "grand vision" for our future in the dynamic community of Denton. 
Chairing the planning process for this initiative is PDG Gene Davenport, retired public school educator who has been a Rotarian since 1981. Gene was club president in Georgetown in 2001-2002 and DG of D5870 in 2004-2005, the  Rotary Centennial year. He currently serves as the Strategic Visioning Committee chair for D5790. 
Denton Rotary Club
2016-17 Year-In-Review
  • Denton Rotary had 5 new Paul Harris Fellows and 5 new Paul Harris Plus Fellows:  Four PHF +1; One PHF +2. 
  • Our club had 83 sustaining members with a per capita contribution of $148 per member.
  • Margaret Griffin achieved Major Donor Level  1 this year.
  • To celebrate the Foundation Centennial Year, our club set a goal of $20,000 and achieved $23,474 as of April 30.
  • 31 attended the Foundation Gala; and 24 attended the District Conference.  
Youth Services
  • EarlyAct and Interact Clubs:  Sponsored the chartering of the Providence Elementary EarlyAct and  the Braswell Interact Club and  continue to sponsor Ryan and Guyer High School Interacts.Rotaract Clubs:  Sponsored the chartering of the TWU Rotaract Club this year and continues to sponsor of the UNT Rotaract Club. 
  • Scholarships:  The club sponsored the following during 2016-17:
  • Ten $1,000 scholarships to Denton high school students:  One to each high school through the Denton Public School Foundation and 6 additional awarded to Ryan and Guyer Interact seniors.
  • Four scholarships to sponsor 4 local high school students to attend RYLA.
  • $50 and $100 donations to the Denton ISD Special Olympics Program to honor Exceptional Students of the Month.
  • $950 was distributed through awards to the top six contestants in the Club’s Four-Way Speech Contest in February.
  • The Club sponsored 2 Boys State and 2 Girls State scholarships totaling $1,440 through the American Legion for Denton High School applicants in April.
  • Youth Exchange Program:  The Club sponsored one In-bound student (Emma Asta) from December through May with housing provided by the Family of Jim Biggerstaff.  The Club is scheduled to sponsor short-term Summer Out-bound Student Alexandra Kerr and sponsor one Summer In-bound student.
  • Special Needs & At-Risk Student Projects:Exceptional Student of the Month:  The Club partners with the Denton I.S.D. Special Education program to recognize one special education students from each district school who excel in character, responsibility, good work ethic, and citizenship.  Selected students receive a framed certificate, books presented to the Denton Library’s children’s section of the Denton Public Library, and a donation made to the Special Olympic program in their honor.Mentoring Programs for Youth:  Members of our club participated in the Mentoring Program at Ginnings Elementary School in conjunction with Communities in Schools of North Texas.  The program pairs Title I School at-risk students with adult mentors.The Club donated $300 to the Ryan High School Life Skills Grand Ball held in May.In May, Club members sponsored twenty $25 gift cards for shoes for Denton ISD needy children as part of the Interfaith Ministries Apple Tree Project.The Club sponsored the Adoption Party Project for the 4th year in November.  Coordinating with Child Protective Services, the Club invited 50 at-risk children who are aging out of foster care along with 50 prospective parent families.  Approximately 60 volunteers from area Rotary clubs, CPS, CASA, UNT PUSH, Denton Police Volunteers, and the Denton Fire Department participated. In February, the Club presented “care packages” to college students of UNT PUSH  and TWU Frontier Programs.In February, club members volunteered at the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home Pancake Supper.
Community, District, & International Service:
  • Community Projects:
  • Adoption Party (November)
  • Care Packages for UNT PUSH & TWU Frontier programs (February)
  • Partner with Brookshire’s’ “Spirit of Christmas” Food Drive (December)
  • Bi-Monthly Blood Drive in Conjunction with Carter Blood Care
  • $1,000 Donation to Interfaith Ministries of Denton for Emergency Shelter Services
  • $500 Donation to giving Hope, Inc. toward local housing for the homeless
  • Volunteers at Cumberland Presbyterian Home Pancake Supper
  • Weekly Speaker & ESOM Book Donations to the Children’s section of the Denton Public Library
  • Volunteers o the Communities in Schools Mentoring program at Ginnings Elementary School (Monthly)
  • Sponsorship of the 4-Way Test Speech Contest (February)
  • International Projects:
  •  $2,000 toward the sponsorship of the Ethiopian “Water to Thrive” Global Grant Project with the Northeast Austin Rotary Club.
  • $178 donation toward the Diagnostic Imaging Project’s website start-up.
  • Fund-Raising Projects:
  • Fruit-Sale (November-December)
  • Flag Program (June through November, 2016 and June 2017)
  • District Service:
  • Twelve members attended the District Foundation Seminar, and 24 attended the District Conference.
  • The club contributed 3 hostess baskets to the Gala Silent Auction. 
  • We financially helped sponsor the District Conference and the 2017 Governor’s Installation Dinner, and numerous members volunteered to plan and facilitate the Conference events.
  •  $250 donated to help sponsor the District 5790 Monument at the Dallas/Fort Worth National Veterans Cemetery.
  • Hosted the Club Rotario De Muzquiz visitation to Denton during the week of February 27 –March 6.
  • The Club helped to sponsor the chartering of the Denton Evening Club.
  • Club members served in 2016-17 District Offices: 
    District Governor: Mary Ann McDuff       District Secretary: Margaret Griffin
    District Treasurer: Rob Seay                  Aide to the Governor:  Adam Reese
    Conference Co-Chairs: Rita Burleson & Randy Sudderth
  • Committee Chairs: Doreen Rue- Advisory Committee                Herman Oosterwijk -Friendship Exchange
    Randy Robinson- Installation BanquetLaurie Long - Membership Development
  • Randi Skinner -PR Marketing & EventsGene Davenport-Visioning
  • The Club received two District 5790 Awards in the Extra Large Club Category:  1st Place Award for Youth Services and the 2nd Place Foundation Award.
  • Membership:  
  • The Club started the year with 106 active and 12 honorary members.  Currently, there are 94 active members and 13 honorary members.  Membership Gain/Loss as of May 31:  -12.
  •  Current new members are Adrian Rodriguez, Bryant Mays, Karen McDaniels, Cory Largent, Paul Meltzer
  • Deceased Members: Debbie Merki (October) & Honorary Member Jack Cross (May 13)
  • Monthly attendance ranged from 54 % to 63.7 %.  Year-to-Date Average = 58%          
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Hello, Denton Rotarians!
Braswell Interact Club
Providence Earlyact Club
Chartering Ceremonies
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at Braswell High School, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Sponsored by the
Denton Noon Rotary Club
Jim Biggerstaff to Speak to the Denton Rotary Club March 23
Jim Biggerstaff’s career includes 38 years in Human Resources and 3 years as an Industrial Engineer.  He recently retired in December of 2014 and is now a speaker, writer, consultant and servant leader.
Jim most recently served as the Vice President of Human Resources for Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. and held that position for 23 years.  Sally Beauty is a $3.8 B international specialty retailer with 4,500+ stores in 14 countries and 26,000 employees worldwide.  He has overseen the people side of more than 40 acquisitions during his tenure with Sally.
Prior to joining Sally Beauty, Jim held a variety of progressively responsible HR positions in the industries of retail, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.  He has worked in HR for Pearle Vision, The Williams Companies, W.R. Grace Natural Resources Group, Alcon Pharmaceutical and Frito-Lay.  Early in his career he worked as an Industrial Engineer for the Hagar Apparel Company.
A native of Fort Worth, Jim earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and an MS in Industrial Administration from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.  He enjoys public speaking and has published his first novel to be followed by a sequel and then books on servant leadership.  In his career, he always had special interests in developing leaders, training, and motivating people to bring out their best.  He is currently a formal student mentor in the Professional Leadership Program at the University of North Texas. 
Jim is active in his church, teaches Sunday school, serves on the Board of Directors for Our Daily Bread Community Soup Kitchen, collects classic cars, rides motorcycles and is a devoted “grandpa” to his two grandsons ages seven and nine.
Andy Eads to Speak to the Denton Rotary Club February 23
Commissioner Andy Eads is a native Texan and fifth generation resident of Denton County. After graduating from Liberty Christian School, he received his BBA from Howard Payne University and his Masters of Public Administration from the University of North Texas.
He is the founding president of the newly formed Cross Timbers Rotary Club and is past president of the Flower Mound Rotary Club.
Commissioner Eads has served on the Denton County Commissioners Court since 2007 and volunteers with numerous community organizations, including president of the Lewisville Education Foundation Board of Directors, United Way Board, Board of Directors and Chairman Emeritus of the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few.
Commissioner Eads began his public service career at the Town of Addison where he researched and authored the book "Addison, Texas: A Pictorial History." Prior to elected office, he was a top-producing agent with RE/MAX DFW, where he earned the Rookie of the Year Award and was repeatedly voted one of the Best Realtors in DFW by D Magazine.
He lives in Flower Mound with his wife Ginger and their children, Everett, Addison and Caroline. He enjoys volunteering and camping with his boys’ Scout Troop.
Sheriff Tracy Murphree to Speak to the DRC February 9
Sheriff Murphree was born and raised in Yoakum County Texas. He attended McMurry University majoring in History and Political Science.  In 1988, he graduated from the Texas Department of Public Safety Training Academy.  
He worked as a Highway Patrol Trooper in West Texas and Denton from 1988 to 1994, and he was promoted to Sergeant in 1994 and was stationed in Pecos.  As a Highway Patrol Sergeant, he was responsible for 5 counties and 12 Troopers.   In 1996 became a narcotics agent with the Texas DPS narcotics division and was stationed in Houston.  He conducted narcotics investigations including working undercover. 1998 he was selected to be a Texas Ranger stationed in Denton.  As a Ranger, he conducted major investigations including homicides.  He also served on the protective detail for Governor George W Bush during his Presidential Campaign. 
Retired from Texas DPS in 2011, and then he was hired by the Denton County Sheriff's Office as the Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division.  He was responsible for Criminal Investigations, Narcotics Investigations,  crime scene, and developing a drug analysis lab in collaboration with the University of North Texas. 
In 2014, he left the Sheriff's Office to work for Paladin, a company developing technology for Law Enforcement.  And in 2016, he was elected Sheriff of Denton County. 
Police Chief Lee Howell to Speak to the Denton Rotary Club February 2
Lee Howell began his law enforcement career at the Denton Police Department in February of 1981. He served as a Patrol Officer and field training officer, Detective, Sergeant in Criminal Investigations and Patrol, and a Lieutenant over various assignments including Internal Affairs and the Office of Professional Standards, Special Operations, and Criminal Investigations and the Narcotics Unit.
Chief Howell spent 16 years as a member of the Denton Police Tactical Unit, including 8 years as Commander. He was promoted to Captain in 2002.
In January of 2005 Chief Howell was recruited by Sheriff Benny Parkey to serve as Chief Deputy Sheriff for Denton County and then returned to the Denton Police Department as Chief of Police in October of 2011.
Chief Howell holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas and is a graduate of both the FBI National Academy and the Southwestern Law Enforcement 30th Management College.
Rural Information Technology Alliance Grants Manager, Susan Svane, to Speak to DRC January 19
Susan Svane is the TechHire and RITA (Rural Information Technology Alliance) Grants Manager for North Central Texas College. Susan has several years’ experience in corporate America, and she brings her passion for student success to NCTC. Her college degrees are in Business, Computer Science, and Education.  She has helped put together a team of professionals with the aim to prepare and support career-ready graduates to meet the Engineering, Industrial, and Information Technology needs of the businesses and the community.

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