Posted by David Blythin on Jan 28, 2020


Longtime Rotarian Darrell Brubaker passed away earlier in January 2020
Rich Ball gave a moving eulogy for Darrell who had the distinction of being the only Rotarian in the Club to have been President on two separate occasions.  He had been a member of the Club since 1981. Rotarians all send their condolences to Darrell's friends and relatives
In the Fellowship segment of the meeting retired minister Ted Nutting had to explain how he almost managed to drown his first baptism victim when he was a new Minister!  It also caused him to choose to transfer from the Baptist to the Methodist faith as there was less water involved in the baptism process!
Our weekly presentation was given by Branko Kosovic and concerned aspects of his group's work on the effects of weather variation on the action and effectiveness of wind turbines.