Loveland Rotary KidsPak continues to support the community during the summer. Thank you to Rotarian Tom Carrigan and his amazing team for all that they do!
KidsPak will be continuing to support students and their families over the summer. They also have some great summer volunteer for individuals who meet the low risk guidelines for volunteering. You can sign-up HERE or you can also find this link posted on their Facebook page and

Until the social distancing restrictions change KidsPak is still taking the following steps to keep volunteers safe. KidsPak has continued to organize high school students to help pack food bags when needed. All volunteers are expected to wear gloves and masks and keep a 6 foot distance from each other when packing or distributing food. Please only sign up to volunteer if you do not fall into one of these categories:
  • Have been ill in the last 14 days with a temperature above 100 degrees
  • Are over the age of 60
  • Have a chronic medical condition such as heart, lung, kidney disease or diabetes 
Thank you to all of the volunteers who have signed up to help,  KidsPak wouldn't be able to provide students with much needed food for the weekends without your dedication and support.
KidsPak has also partnered with the Loveland Public Library Teens to bring much needed food bags to kids through a curbside service at the library. In past years, KidsPak provided snacks for programs at the library each summer, however due to the library being closed to the public, they have transitioned to a curbside service. The library is helping provide KidsPak weekend food bags in an effort to support families during a time when many are in need of assistance. Families may request one KidsPak bag per week (for one student) or two KidsPak bags per week (for two or more students). Curbside pickup hours are currently 10am-3pm Monday-Saturday.
If you have any questions or would like to support the amazing work that KidsPak is doing, email or visit our website at