Learn About Global Grants
presented by
Bob Waltermire       and       Joe McCarthy
Bob Waltermire:
I joined Rotary in 2006 and I have been especially interested in international service.  I was president of my club for the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  I have been a member of my club’s International Service Committee (ISC) since I joined Rotary and I have been chairperson of the committee since 2021.  My term as chairperson will end in 2027.  I lived in Ethiopia in the early 1970s and my only global grant was a project to develop springs and provide potable water for three communities in southwest Ethiopia.  I have managed three district grants in Ethiopia; one for text books and two for development of springs for three other communities.  My club’s ISC also provided partial funds for spring development projects in two other communities in Ethiopia that did not involve Rotary grants.  I managed three district grants for my club’s Community Service Committee.  I am a member of the Paul Harris Society and have been active in many of my club’s fundraisers.  
Joe McCarthy:
My Global Grant project is in collaboration with the Rams Without Borders club of CSU, along with some other water experts. The project is to provide household water to over 700 people in two communities in El Salvador. I started working on a Global Grant in September of 2020, before I even considered myself a member of the International Service Committee. I became a Rotarian” during the process of connecting with clubs to collect pledges, when I realized just what “YIRS” means. I raised $135,895 for the project, including $2000 from the Estes Valley Sunrise club (thank you very much!)
I joined Rotary after one of those life-changing events. In my case, it was cardiac arrest. I visited 3 of the Fort Collins clubs and 2 satellite clubs before deciding to join the Breakfast Rotary Club. I was inducted in June of 2020, right at the start of Covid. I am a Paul Harris Society member, am chairman of the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness) committee, member of the International Service committee, and President Elect Nominee.
My interest in global grants started with my first inauspicious trip outside of the US was a wrestling tournament just across the border into Canada when I was 14. Since then, I studied for a quarter in Tours, France, and worked for a summer during college in Paris. After getting married in Greeley, where I worked for HP, we then lived outside the US for almost 20 years (10 in France, 1+ in Singapore, 4 in Egypt, and 4 in Dubai – all with HP. I’m a recovering engineer, a recovering introvert, and a member of Toastmasters.
Our program this week will be held in person, but a Zoom link will be provided. Click on the link below to be admitted.
Meeting link:
Rotary Weekly Luncheon
Place: American Legion
 Time:  Lunch served from 11:30 - 12:00
 Cost:  $20
 Parking:  American Legion and the church only

As a courtesy to our members, please silence your cell phones during the meeting.
Thank You!
This Week's Luncheon Menu
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    RSVP to Karol:
   Rotary Lunch Menu for Thursday,  May 9th:  

Chicken tacos, rice, black beans, dessert.


RSVP to Karol: 
before 12 noon, Tuesday.
Save the date:  President’s Night, Thursday, June 13th, 5:30 - 7:30 at the American Legion.
Meeting Notes for May 2, 2024
President Elect Anne Slack called the meeting to order while Karen Thompson is away for birth of her grandbaby.  
Annie led the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.
We sang “Take Me Out to the Duck Race”, accompanied by Madison Casey.
Guests of Rotarians:   
  • Linnea Carter, a retired physician. 
    • She came to hear Robert Luisana’s presentation
    • and is on the hospital board as a  LWV Observer at the Park Hospital District/EPH Board of Directors public meeting.  
  • Karen Luisana, wife of today’s speaker, from Greensboro, NC and also in Rotary. 
  • We were pleased to have Sandy Lasson with us today.
  • Jim Whiteneck said five of us read “Josh the Otter” this morning to four Kindergarten classes. 
  • Mark Lee said we have determined our scholarships for our high school graduates
    • a new record for our club of $55,500 to 14 students. 
    • We are all invited to come Monday May 6 to the High School for the awards. 
    • These students will come to our May 16 meeting. 
  • Chuck Bonza said he has duck race vests to sell for our club
    • $31 in medium and small.  
    • Also, one XL sweatshirt.
  • Ron Gordon is pleased to be the one to drop the ducks to start the race this year!  
    • He recalled that when he joined in 1992 his first assignment was the prize committee
    • it turned out he was the only one to visit every shop downtown and get the prizes. 
    • talked to Michelle Mann just before this meeting
      • said she sounded the best he has heard
      • she is doing fine and keeping up her P.T. 
  • Tara Moenning said that although our town cleanup was snowed out,
    • some parts were done,
    • she still has routes left for anyone to claim. 
  • Carl Robicheaux said after the snowed-out Saturday cleanup, his crew cleared the river yesterday for the race. 
    • He asked for volunteers to sign up for River Security to keep the ducks moving on race day. 
  • Big Duck Scott Robbins had duck race announcements: 
    • All is ready.
    • 6,000 ducks adopted so $120,000 so far for charities
    • Sponsors $23,000.
    • 320 prizes.
    • Weather looks to be good.
    • Entertainment, food vendors are set.
    • Breakfast provided by Wapiti Colorado Pub which is in the old Nicky’s.
  • Jim Jonell said we still need kids for RYLA and Young RYLA – high school and 8th graders. 
    • We fund scholarships but only one has signed up.  
  • Annie encouraged us to come to High Peaks Camp for our fifth Thursday social with Sunrise Club. 
    • May 30, 4:45 PM,
    • $11/person
    • Pay Gregg and/or Karol now so able to take one check to David Schwarm on May 30th.
Joke of the Day:
Scott Thompson said Karen is with their daughter in Ohio for birth of their second grandchild.  Then he told a grandpa joke. 
Happy Money:
  • Tara Moenning put in $83 for her birthday.
  • Carl had happy money for Dennis and river cleanup.
  • Rick Life has a photo of the Imagineer hard hat his daughter Lexi received for her new position at Disney World. 
  • Wayne Newsom is happy for his 15th great grandchild and one more on the way. 
  • Jim Austin is happy to see everyone here today and thanks the crew that took out the rock dam in the river.
  • Bill Solms is happy
    • for the Thompson grandchild, grandparents, and great grandparents. 
    • He is also happy for Big Duck and so many people to make the Duck Race happen
    • and Lee Lasson’s tech team.
  • Jim Jonell is happy for
    • attending three grandchildren graduations at Purdue, St. Louis University and CU Boulder.  
    • Lucy’s (our Exchange Student's) graduation May 24 at EPHS
  • Big Duck Scott Robbins was very moved as he is so grateful for everyone who worked on this duck race – it extends to 100s of people in town
  • Bill Smith is happy for Big Duck Scott.
  • Annie is happy for Carl and his river clean-up efforts.
Annie introduced Robert Luisana who has extensive experience in health care insurance and talked to us about the challenges and tradeoffs in health care quality, coverage, and cost in our US system. 
Rob Luisana presenting and receiving
a Piece of the Rock from Pres. Elect Annie
We ended with the four-way test.
Madison Casey, scribe
Scholarship Awards Night
Save the Date:   May 6th, 6 - 8pm
Scholarship Awards Night at the Estes Park High School Auditorium
Please join us as Rotary will be awarding scholarships to deserving students from the Estes Park High School class of 2024.
Jack Overly Says "Hi"
Jack Overly
Jack asked me to let you know he was sad to miss the Duck Race.  He also wants you to know he has moved from Good Samaritan Villages in Loveland to Centre Avenue Health and Rehab Facility in Fort Collins.  He is in room #138.  He  would love visitors.
Josh The Baby Otter Enjoyed!!
Pete Sinnott          Andrea Escorcia Rodriguez 
Dale Bonza                       Jim Jonell
Kindergarten students at the Elementary School were treated to the story of Josh the Baby Otter by Pete Sinnott, Andrea Escorcia Rodriguez, Dale Bonza and Jim Jonell.  The purpose is to educate the children about safety around water.  The program was started by a man who lost his two grandchildren to drowning.  Contact Jim Whiteneck if you want to know more about the program.
Be Prepared, Not Scared
May 16th
Ron Gordon Pulled
 the Rope to Release the Ducks
on May 4th!
Ron Gordon             2024 Duck Release
We are so honored to have Ron Gordon pull the rope on the Duck cage this year.  Ron will have been a member of our Rotary Club for 32 years come this June!  He has served as Club Service Director, Club President, Foundation President, and is currently Director of International Service. Like most members, he has served on many committees. Most notably, he was on the Rotary Scholarship Golf Committee for over 20 years.
He and his wife, Vivian, have attended quite a few District Conferences and International Conventions. They look forward to their continued involvement in the many exciting future activities of the Rotary Club of Estes Park!
Duck Race Update
Scott Robbins, aka Big Duck, reported $182,666 preliminary proceeds, over 8900 ducks.  Marsha Hobert provided the following pictures.
Dog                                      Band
Mike Overly from John's Well Service
Ron Gordon
Just prior to the Duck Release
Save the Date!
Salvation Army's
High Peak Camp and Conference Center
Social with Sunrise Rotary
May 30th,5 PM
(arrive 4:30 to 4:45  PM)
111 Salvation Lane, Estes Park
The Salvation Army is dedicated to impacting the lives of our youth. The Salvation Army Camps are attended by more than 100,000 people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic levels each year. With more than 50 Salvation Army Camps throughout the United States, and each one is unique to its geographical area. They all meet high standards in housing, nutrition, and safety according to the American Camping Association.
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2023 - 24 R.I. Theme
Create Hope in the World
May 9, Duty Roster
Invocation: Karol Rinehart
Song & Pledge: Annie Slack/Casey
Guest Intro: JoAnn Batey
Scribe: Barry Hannigan
Greeter: JoAnn Batey
Program Intro: Anne Slack
Meeting Set-up: Mark Lee
May 16, Duty Roster
Invocation: Dale Bonza
Song & Pledge: K. Thompson/Casey
Guest Intro: Wayne Newsom
Scribe: Andrea Escorcia Rodriguez
Greeter: Wayne Newsom
Program Intro: Kevin Mullin
Meeting Set-Up: Mike Connolly
May 09, 2024
Global Grants
May 16, 2024
May 23, 2024
Update on the Loop
May 30, 2024 5:00 PM
Salvation Army's High Peak Camp
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May 06, 2024
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May 07, 2024
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Rotary Club Foundation Meeting
May 16, 2024
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
May 30th Social at High Peaks Camp
May 30, 2024
11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
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