Frog Creek Partners

Brian Deurloo, President and Founder


Brian Deurloo was born in South America and raised in rural Wyoming. In 1997, he obtained a mining engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines and a recipient of the Ultimate & All-Around Miner Award. Shortly after graduating, he backpacked Australia and New Zealand, and then bicycled Europe with his dog. Brian has lived and worked on four continents but seems to always return to Wyoming where he is happily married with one daughter. Brian worked for 17 years in different mines, gas fields, and oil patches around the country in development, engineering, and management roles. Brian’s last role in the fossil fuel industry was the US general manager for an international energy company where he managed projects in Viet Nam, Australia, Brazil, and the United States from Alaska to Louisiana.  Brian is the president and founder of Frog Creek Partners and a member of the Rotary Club of Casper, Wyoming. He enjoys inventing, hiking, reading, skiing, beekeeping, and finding fun adventures with his wife and daughter.

The idea of the Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system came to him in a dream in early 2016. He started Frog Creek Partners shortly thereafter as a business to create innovative solutions to complex environmental problems. Within the first few years Brian won an innovation award, raised capital to fund the company, filed several patents and expanded the company. He continues to grow the company and product line while surrounding himself with valuable team members with a like-minded focus of cleaning the world’s water one storm drain at a time.
Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology company that specializes in stormwater filtration and pollution measurement services. The patent pending Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system and Mundus Bag® water filter are Frog Creek’s flagship products. It is the most easily maintained and functional stormwater filtration system on the market. Because clean water is a good thing™ Brian will get the audience’s mind into the gutter by speaking about what stormwater pollution is and how it can be solved. Stormwater pollution is a leading cause of water pollution in the world. Brian invented the Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system to remove pollution from water thereby protecting and restoring rivers and oceans.
Our program this week will be held in person, but a Zoom link will be provided. Click on the link below to be admitted.
Meeting link:
Rotary Weekly Luncheon
Place: American Legion
 Time:  Lunch served from 11:30 - 12:00
 Cost:  $20
This Week's Luncheon Menu
RSVP needed for Rotary lunch.
********ATTENTION:  NEW  RSVP DEADLINE***********
Rotary Lunch Menu for Thursday,  February 15th:
Beef tacos, (hard shell, soft shell), rice, refried beans, Mexican soup, Churros.
RSVP to Karol: before 12 noon, Tuesday.
Meeting Notes for February 8, 2024
President Karen Thompson rang the bell at 12:00 PM.
Pete Sinnott gave the Invocation.
President Thompson led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Madison Casey led the song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”
Guests of Rotarians:
Pete Sumey introduced his wife, Lois.
  • President Karen Thompson announced that Gary Nelson’s viewing will be
    • Friday, Feb. 16 at the American Legion from 1 – 3 pm
    • his memorial service will be held Saturday, Feb. 17 at 10 am at the Shepard of the Mountains Lutheran Church
    • Gary had requested that any donations be made to
      • EP Health Foundation
      • EP Rodeo
      • EP Noon Rotary
      • EP American Legion. A collection was taken from members present.
  • Jim Whiteneck reported for the Nominating Committee:  
    • All positions have nominees except Membership Committee Chair
    • A person is also needed to edit the Spoke
    • keep the club Facebook page up to date.
  • The American Legion let the club know about upcoming events:
    • Super Bowl party Sunday, Feb. 11
    • Mardi Gras dinner and gumbo contest Tuesday, Feb. 13 - $18
    • Valentine’s Dinner and Dance Saturday, Feb. 17 – 3-course dinner $75/couple. Singles welcome.
  • Chuck Bonza gave an update
    • on how our donated solar panels for Ukraine were being put to good use in schools.
    • The Ukraine volunteers are collecting wool yarn for a project so Ukrainian women can help by knitting
      • socks for soldiers
      • Hats for schoolchildren.
    • Chuck will be contacting groups in Estes Park who may have wool to donate.
  Chuck Bonza
  • Rotarian exchange student Lucy Miano reported on her recent trip
    • to join other current exchange students in Wyoming.
    • She had a great time meeting other students and got some skiing in.
   Lucia Miano
  • Jim Austin reported
    • our Shelter Box contributions are adding up.
    • will be at least enough for two boxes and even more.
   Jim Austin
  • Scott Robbins reported that organizing for the Duck Race is proceeding well.
  Scott Robbins
  • President Karen ordered
    • personal hygiene items
    • tents with the club’s donation of $500 for immigrants in Denver
    • RTD bus passes for the children to travel to schools
    • and for the adults to take the bus to their appointments.
    • She added her own money to the $340 January Happy Money Rotary Club member donations to help the church that is assisting migrants.
    • The church has hired some of the new arrivals to work sorting clothing and other donated items.
Scott Thompson told a few one-liners about Mardi Gras.
Happy Money:
  • Wayne Newsom is happy about Pete Sumey’s birthday.
  • Annie is happy that
    • Jack Overly had 10 songs copyrighted.
    • Jack Ford has agreed to become president elect.
  • Dave Boon is happy to be back home after a long trip to the Middle East and Africa. He loves full-time electricity.
  • Scott Thompson is happy Isaiah Johnson is now a new member.
Anne Slack introduced Jennifer Tow of Junior Achievement who explained what Junior Achievement hopes to help our teachers and students accomplish in Estes Park schools. The goal is to increase children’s financial literacy, create interest in a future career and encourage entrepreneurship through age-appropriate programs. To be successful in the schools, Jen needs volunteers.
    Jen Tow presenting and receiving a
 Piece of the Rock from President Karen
President Karen let the four-way pledge and rang the bell at 1:00 PM.
Dale Bonza, scribe
Interact Spring 2024 Schedule
Isaiah Johnson, Niki Gassman, Erin Berryhill, Stacey Winsor,
Dave Boon, Jim Jonell
Anna Weddle is not pictured but she along with members of our noon Rotary Club (Isaiah, Dave, Jim and Anna) as well as Sunrise Rotary (Niki and Stacey) and Erin Barryhill ( 8th grade teacher and sponsor) met Thursday night, February 8, to plan the Spring schedule of meetings of the Interact Club.   Please see schedule below.  4 to 5 adults are needed per meeting which runs from 11:30 AM to 12:05 PM.  The club meets in room 232.  It is a wonderful, exciting time with enthusiastic students and adults.  If you want to have some fun, contact me at and I can forward you to Anna Weddle or Jim Jonell.  If you decide this is something you would enjoy, you do need to have  your driver's license to get into the school.
Rotary District Conference
Steamboat Springs, CO
May 16 - 18, 2024
Click on this http:// where you will find the Conference Program, a detailed list of Conference Information, and a link to the registration page on the District website.
EVICS Bilingual Story Time  Project
Pictured from left to right are: Tim Moore, Jim Whiteneck,
Sharon Moore, Andrea Escorcia, and Jack Boatman. 
Also present but not pictured are Bill Solms and Beth Weisberg. 
Way to go, Rotary!
On February 6, seven Rotarians got together to stuff books and activity kits for the EVICS bilingual Story Time project. The project, which is now in its third year, has been funded by our Club from a combination of Project funds and matching District and Governor's Rotary grants.  Once a month, from January through May,  a new bilingual children's book and related activity kits are distributed free to every kindergartner attending Estes Park Elementary School, as well as to kindergarten-age and some younger home schoolers in Estes Park. Spanish/English translations in the books are accurate, and each month's topic relates to feelings, behavior, friendships, and other subjects that are helpful for children to find ways to discuss. Activity kits are also made available to the public without charge in the Estes Valley Library and from the EVICS office on Graves Avenue. These kits encourage parents to read and discuss the books with their children, promoting a love of books while fostering community by teaching both English and Spanish to parents and children.
Beth Weisberg
Community Services Director
A New Membership Chair is Needed
It is a fun job meeting new, potential members.  It does not take huge amounts of time.  You do have to attend to a new potential member.  Once they have decided they want to join, you give them an Application to complete.  When they return it, you set up a time to meet with them for about an hour, together with their Sponsor.  Then you have to take the time to write the Board, or present to the Board, to get approval.  You are a Board member as a Director.  Next you would send what you presented about the new member to the person doing the Spoke.  It has to be published for seven days per bylaws.  You send Sarah, our Rotary Board Secretary, the information to order the badge and when it comes in,  you perform the Induction ceremony.
One of the parts I love about being Membership Chair is getting to know so many different members right from the beginning.
You won't regret volunteering for this task.
Non-acrylic Yarn for Ukraine
Our Noon Rotary project involving sending modified solar panels to Ukraine, has an additional project for sending yarn. Do you have extra, surplus yarn wool, mohair, alpaca suitable for socks just collecting dust? The yarn goes into making socks and other needs. My point of contact is Andy Lenec in the Broomfield Club and a monthly zoom meeting with Dr. Valeri in Ukraine who distributes the yarn.

It goes to women in Ukraine as projects especially to create socks and hats for front line troops, school kids who may several times a day have to go outside to enter bomb shelters, and schools which turn them into craft projects for kids sometimes just waiting in bomb shelters or during power outages.  Some villages have older women left behind from the evacuations who also receive the yarn giving them a purpose.

A previous box of 40# was sent from another club and the pictures are shown above.
My goal is to collect yarn through the end of February. I’ll be glad to pick it up via a call to me at 970 775 3555. (Also, for any questions you might have) Then I coordinate with Andy and via Sunflower Seeds Ukraine it is shipped to Dr. Valeri for distribution.

Our Rotary Club has been supplying Solar Panels for the phone recharger project and this is just a simple adjunct.
Chuck Bonza
International Services Committee
The Rotary Club of Estes Park
Ray Leaycraft Will Match Your Donation
of $100 to the Rotary International Foundation
Ray Leaycraft
Ray is so passionate about inspiring you to donate to the Rotary Foundation that he will match your donation of $100.  Go to  Select Donate.  Fill out the form.  When you receive that information in your email, forward it to Ray at together with your Rotary ID and your mailing address.  Contact me if you have any questions at
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Mark Lee
From The Chaplain
Do you know a Club Member who needs assistance? Maybe a ride to meetings, or just a phone call to keep in touch? Please contact Bill Smith 970-420-1033 or
Results of Finding Your Rotary Number
I played a game with all of  you to see how many members actually read the Spoke.  Everyone's Rotary number has been entered in the Spoke since April 13, 2023.  Only 10 people have let me know they saw their number.  There is a lot of good information in  the Spoke.  I am willing to train someone on how to edit it through Clubrunner.  If no one steps forward, the last issue will be published on June 20, 2024.  It will cover our President's Night celebration.  It is a job that can be performed in the comfort of  your home.  Please consider assuming this task.
Thank you,
Bulletin Editor
Anne Slack
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2023 - 24 R.I. Theme
Create Hope in the World
February 15, Duty Roster
Invocation: Ruby Bode
Song & Pledge: Anne Slack/Casey
Guest Intro: Mel Rueppel
Scribe: Barry Hannigan
Greeter: Mel Rueppel
Program Intro: Anne Slack
Meeting Set-up: Mike Connolly
February 22, Duty Roster
Invocation: Scott Robbins
Song & Pledge: Anne Slack/Casey
Guest Intro: Jack Ford
Scribe: Madison Casey
Greeter: Jack Ford
Program Intro: Anne Slack
Meeting Set-Up: Lee Lasson
Feb 15, 2024
Frogcreek Partners
Feb 22, 2024
Salud Foundation
Feb 29, 2024
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Upcoming Events
Rotary Club Foundation Meeting
Feb. 15, 2024
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Duck Race Committee Meeting
Feb. 15, 2024
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Duck Race Distribution Night
Feb. 29, 2024
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
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