Cheyenne Depot Plaza
1 Depot Square Capitol & W15th St
Cheyenne, WY  82007
United States of America
The Cheyenne Rotary After Hours coordinates with Miller Family Farms and the Cheyenne VA to help provide fresh produce to our veterans (which they pick up on the following Monday for free). 
  • Arrive Saturday around 12:30-12;45 at the Farmers Market - Miller Family Farms tent/booth (it's the large one with the semi).  There will be a Rotarian from the After Hours club there each Saturday as well.
  • Help pick up/break down boxes, sweep, take down tents, take down tables, reload their semi -- recrate produce that Joe Miller is donating that week.  It is different each week, so you need to ask him what goes to the VA.  Put the crates on trailers, in cars/whatever vehicles you've got.
  • Deliver the produce to the foyer/main entrance of the VA Center in Cheyenne, unload the crates at the VA Center, and you're done. 
We're usually completely done and leaving the VA around 2-2:30pm on Saturday, so it goes quickly. 
Things to bring:  gloves, push brooms, sunscreen, and water.
Questions:  Brent Lathrop at bdlathrop@charter.net or Judy Fossum at judyfossum@yahoo.com.