After President Brad Jagger led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Carol Flask led us in our invocation.  Following that, Carrie Leising took over as announcer.
Carrie first thanked Steve Dunton and Dave Renninger for gettting us checked in this morning.  She then welcomed visitors Al Frank  of the Cleveland Club and Susan Colville-Hall of the Akron Rotary, who is also our speaker this morning.  
Carrie also picked up on the trivia theme of our past few announcers and this time shared Garrettsville Trivia with us, because that is where she grew up.  Did you know that at one time Garrettsville was the largest producer of maple syrup in the world?  
Birthdays:  Be sure to wish Pat Messmore and Bruce Hill Happy Birthday if you see them this week.
HAPPY BUCK:  J.T. Stimler used his Happy Buck to introduce his brother-in-law, Al Franken.  He was one of the heroes that was honored last Saturday and wanted to come to thank the club.  He was a 17-year fireman and long-time Stow resident, and appreciated the planter so very much.
DRAWING:  The Speaker's Table had the winning ticket but the 4 of hearts was drawn.
Heroes' Day:  The club was thanked for their efforts in preparing the planters and then delivering them to the heroes last Saturday.  Neither Jeff Film nor Annie Hanson could be here today, but their leadership was very much appreciated.  Stories were shared as to how meaningful this project was and the value of it to our community.  A full-page ad thanking our heroes also was in the Stow Sentry.  Dave Renninger asks that the drivers pick up the signs from their heroes this weekend and then bring them back to Rotary next week.
Golf Outing:  Ray Evans stated that if someone does not have a foursome for the June 4 outing, that if you name is given to Ray, you will be matched with others so you can participate in the event.   Christina Gary stated that there will be a meeting of the Golf Outing Committee tonight at 6:30 at Rocknes.  Anyone is welcome to attend but on May 30, after our regular meeting. there will be a meeting of those willing to volunteerat the outing.  Mark Lucco announced that he has 50/50 tickets for the golf outing and that they are for sale now.  The cost is $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Last year's winner won over $900.  
Job Availability:   Brad Ruth is looking for someone to work about 24 hours a week doing odd jobs.  The person must be at least 18.
Board Meeting:  Our board will meet this Friday at 7:15a.m. at the Stow Library.  Minutes of the April meeting are attached to this newsletter.
PROGRAM:  Carol Flask introduced Susan Colville-Hall.  She is the Rotary Youth Exchange Officer.  After graduating from The Ohio State University, Susan taught French and Spanish for 18 years and taught at The University of Akron for 25 years.  She is a member of the Akron Rotary Club.
With pictures, she introduced Isa, a student from Spain who is with a host family in Stow.  She explained that Isa could not be with us today because of the demands of school at this time of year.  While students are here, they are taken on two different trips.  One covers major cities to the east, of Boston, New York City and Washington D.C.  and the other explores the western regions of our country.  The goal of the program is to create understanding of other cultures, one person at a time.
Susan suggested that if someone is interested in spending time as an exchange student, that they do a summer program first.  During that time a student comes here from another country for four weeks and then the student from their host family here goes to their country for four weeks.  The year-long program lasts for 11 months.  Last year, there were 100 scholarships available for outbound students in Ohio but only 50 qualified.  Akron is looking for 2-3 host families for this next school year. They would love to have Stow families again.  Go to for more information.
Susan was complementary of Roger Cline for his long involvement in the exchange student project and also complemented Bob Oborn for his work with Interact.  She suggested strongly that we promote the possibility of becoming an outbound student to the members of Interact.  There will be an outbound student from Stow going to Germany next year.  
Tonight: 6:30 Golf Committee meeting at Rocknes
Friday, May 11, 7:15 a.m. Board meeting at the library
Friday, May 11 Talent show at the high school
Wednesday, May 30, Golf outing volunteer committee meeting after our regular meeting
Monday, June 4, Golf Outing at Silver Lake
Wednesday, June 6 5:00-7:00p.m. Volunteer time at the Foodbank
Friday, June 8, 3:15-5:00 cook for Ronald McDonald House
Wednesday, June 20, Installation Breakfast
Wednesday, June 27  We will attend Stow's Pride Breakfast in place of our regular meeting
Wednesday, July 4 No meeting because of the holiday
Saturday, July 21 Rubber Ducks game
Submitted by Andrea Denton