ATTENDANCE:  Those present this morning were Carrie Leising, Gail Moseley, Jeff Film, Dick Hall, Mary Dula, Rich Bedell, Marty Tass, John Long, Roger Cline, Bill Choler, Steve Stimmel, Marissa Williams, Bob Oborn, Amanda Steinhauser, Dave Renninger, Bob Sweitzer, J.T. Stimler, Olivia Saltzmann, Annette Oborn, Tom Loepp, Ray Evans, Lisa Toppin, Eric Weber, Brad Ruth and Andy Denton
Our guests were Wendi Polman and Sravanthi Vallampati of Toastmasters International.
President Carrie Leising opened the meeting by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then gave a meaningful invocation.
Rotary Anniversary:  Dave Christman (10) and Brad Jagger (7) are celebrating Rotary anniversaries this week.
Wedding Anniversary:  Bob and Annette Oborn will celebrate 30 years of marriage this week.
Happy Buck:  Annette is looking forward to a haircut this week.
Marty Tass thanked everyone who planted our Adopt-A-Spot at the Doughboy.  He said how important it is that we keep it weeded and suggested that when any of the members have a minute, they stop by and weed for 20 minutes.  We may set up a schedule if this doesn't work.  But, since it is at the corner of Darrow and Graham Rds., it is important that we keep it looking good.  
Be sure to get your "breakfast money donations" to Annette Oborn this week, so that you can help the club support The Haven of Rest, Bulldog Bags and the Akron-Canton Foodbank. You may mail your check to her at 381 Silver Valley Blvd, Munroe Falls, Oh  44262.  
Remember that we are now meeting at 7:45 instead of 8:00 for our virtual meetings.  We haven't seen some of the club faces since the pandemic began, and hope you will be able to join us next week.  We miss you.
PROGRAM:  Did you know that Rotary and Toastmasters have formed a partnership?  Our speaker, Wendi Polman, was with us this morning to explain that partnership.  Wendi, who is also the daughter of Roger Cline, explained that when she spend a year in Brazil as a Rotary Exchange student the foundation was laid for understanding the importance of  international relationships.  She has been with Progressive Insurance for 23 years and became a part of Toastmasters 4 years ago.  She is now a District Director of Toastmasters and has given approximately 42 speeches.
She explained to us that Toastmasters was founded in 1924 and is now in 143 countries.  It is based on the ideal of strengthening oral communication and leadership skills.  She further explained that both Toastmasters and Rotary have a strong emphasis on service and education, so it was a natural partnership.  
Wendy explained that there are specific components of each meeting.  There is always a Toastmaster of the Day, who basically is in charge of the meeting.  Then there are one or two speakers who are evaluated by specific individuals.  They look for things like repeating words, language usage and following time signals.  There are also surprise "table topics" which members speak about on an impromptu basis.  
Sarvanthi Vallampati, joined Wendi on the screen and both of them said that Rotarians would be welcomed at Stow, Cuyahoga Falls or Akron if people were interested.  A visit to will help you find meetings close to you.  Any relationships developed between members of the two organizations would strengthen both Toastmasters and Rotary.  Bob is going to check on possibilities with Interact youth to see if that might be another way to link the two organizations.
John Long sent us off with a great joke about new fathers outside of the delivery room.  Give him a call if you did not hear it this morning and he can share it with you.  Marissa Williams was assigned to offer next week's joke.  
Submitted by Andy Denton