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Welcome To The Rotary Club of Mentor We were not the first Club in Lake County but we are one of the largest and most active. In the early sixties, both Painesville and Willoughby were incorporated cities with their own Rotary Clubs. Mentor was still just a Village with a surrounding Township. Rotarians who lived or worked in Mentor belonged to either the Painesville or Willoughby Clubs. In 1963 Mentor was incorporated as a City. Around that same time, Joe Lanzi moved into the area to take a position as a Principal in the Mentor School System. Mr. Lanzi had been a Rotarian for some time in his former location and wanted to affiliate with a local club when he moved into this area. Upon discovering that his new hometown didn't have its own club, Mr. Lanzi immediately gathered some of his new friends and associates and set about chartering a club for Mentor. With help and guidance from the then President Bosley of the Painesville Club, the Rotary Club of Mentor was chartered by Rotary International in 1967 with fifteen charter members. It has since grown to almost one hundred active members. Mentor Rotary is an active member and integral part of Rotary International. Rotary International is the world's first service club. It was founded as the Rotary Club of Chicago in 1905 by Paul Harris, an attorney, who wished to recapture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth. The name "Rotary" derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members' offices.