Rotary Club of Hudson Clocktower

How to Secure New Members

Tony Corrao is the President of Corrao Consulting a professional training and coaching company. His previous background was in banking and mortgages. He is a member of the Hillcrest Sunrise Rotary Club and is active in Rotary membership development at the Club and District level.
Tony told us how he qualifies prospective members starting with a Diversity in Growth personal prospect list of 180 job categories he uses to qualify people he thinks would strengthen the diversity of people in his club. He noted that all motivation is self motivation. You don’t say, "Don’t you want to come to our meeting?" 
People do things that are beneficial to them.
The world runs on relationships between like minded people. What’s in it for me? Before you talk about Rotary you must get to know about your prospect. Forget about telling and selling it doesn’t work. Success is where preparation meets opportunity. Find your one word that best
describes Rotary for you; education, service, leadership, relationships,
gratification, fulfillment, enrichment, new friends, speak from the heart.
Connect with your prospects heart. If you choose someone, suggest they
would be a good Rotarian and requests a short meeting over coffee to
discuss the subject. Tony uses his Tell Me About Your Club sheet.
Our name is the Rotary Club of Hillcrest Sunrise. We have ____ members
who have diversified talents and are dedicated to our Club. Here is a place
where I can go each week and meet with my Rotarian friends, exchange
ideas, socialize and hear interesting speakers. I enjoy participating in
worthwhile projects for our community and contribute to Rotary
International projects which promote better education, health, peace and
fellowship throughout the world. It’s enriched my life, it has been rewarding
and it’s fun. Here is who we are and this is what we do. After building
trust, if you think you have a match then and only then talk about an
application. Explain the time commitment of weekly meetings with 100%
attendance encouraged and 50% minimum requirement. How to do
makeup meeting, participation in Club events, service project and
committee meetings and the District Conference. Annual financial
commitments; application fee, annual dues, meals, Annual contribution
to the Rotary Foundation and various social events and dinners which are
optional. There are no strangers in life, only friends we haven’t met.
Please call President De-de Mulligan at 330.472.7673 or email her at