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  • Capital City Condors
  • Hurricane Relief
  • Tornado Disaster Relief
  • Kanata Food Cupboard
  • Youth Farm Now
  • Caring and Sharing Program -Running on Empty
  • Caring and Sharing Christmas Hamper
  • Support the Troops
  • Canadian War Amps
  • Dave Smith Centre
  • Rotary Home
  • Clean up the Capital
  • Senior Sing Along
  • Chrysalis House
  • Student Bursaries
  • Comfort Stars, Ghana
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Help us continue our community support efforts during these difficult times.
Click the button to donate a coffee and dontut to our club
All club meetings have been cancelled until further notice.
On line meetings will commence on April 8th
Tickets for the 2021 Condors Golf Raffle for a trip the the 150 British Open at the Old Course in St Andrews are on sale now at www.CondorsGolfRaffle.com
For more information, contact us at Tickets@CondorsGolfRaffle.com
Thank You to all that attended our first Music Trivia Nite.  It was a great success.
The winning team
Here are the scores:
Table #TeamScore
85 Chicks, 3 Dicks98
4Looney Tunes93
7Travelling Wilbury's89
1Let's Get Quizzical81
9this one time at band camp77
3Stittsville Sonatas67
5Count Me in58
2The Mud Dogs
Our donation to the Pueblito Orphanage in Costa Rica included the purchase of school uniforms.
The Rotary Club of Ottawa Kanata Sunrise has officially changed the club name to the Rotary Club of Kanata.
This name change will eliminate much of the confusion surrounding the club name and supports our efforts to be better recognized in the Kanata community.
Dwight Brown announces Sharon Seed as the winner of a trip for 2 to the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia.
Prior to the Condors Master Raffle Grand Prize Draw, Jim Perkins, President of the Condors gave Kanata Rotary and update of the Condors.
The Rotary Club of Kanata presented a cheque to Jim Perkins, President of the Capital City Condors for the sum of $10,000.  Attending the presentation, from left to right were Jim Perkins, Terry White, Jenna Sudds, Dwight Brown and John Beard.  The funds were raised by the 2019 Condors Masters Raffle.
Congratulations to Sue Gard.  Martha Weaver, District Governor presented Sue with a special Avenue of Service recognition for her 10 years of Club Service.
Thanks Sue
The Kanata Rotary Club is moving to a new location starting on January 16th.  We will hold our bi-weekly meetings at the Royal Canadian Legion, Kanata Branch 638 located at 70 Hines Rd, Kanata.
Our meetings will begin at 7:00am and end promptly at 8:15am.
There is one exception, our Jan 30th meeting will be at the Luna Cafe.  This meeting will be the grand prize  draw for a trip to the Masters.
Sarah Parcak and the secrets of the satellites

Inspired in part by Indiana Jones, space archaeologist Sarah Parcak uses futuristic airborne technology to unearth the treasures of the past.

The Plastic Trap

How do we escape our tangled relationship with a throwaway culture? Rotarians are pointing the way.


Since 2015, more than 4 million people have fled an economically devastated Venezuela. Tracking the stories of three who left puts faces on that staggering statistic.

Scientist, farmer, innovator, Rotarian

A plainsman with a PhD, Bob Quinn uses his 4,000-acre Montana spread as a laboratory to revive an ancient grain, rethink agricultural practices, and reinvigorate rural communities

More than a library

After the genocide of 1994, Rotarians led a successful campaign to build Rwanda’s first public library.