I joined Rotary 6 months ago. I joined to get all the awesome perks that joining Rotary gets you. Mainly the great breakfast food at Danny Boys. I've not currently held any positions in Rotary, but I believe I recently became assistant to the membership director or something like that. With the assistant to the membership director position I plan on developing new, innovative, creative, and memorable strategies to draw in new potential members.
The thing I enjoy most about Rotary is the open, inviting, atmosphere that the group has created. From day 1 I was able to be myself, and that means a lot. Especially since I haven't been asked to leave.
I'm the owner of BadaBing Pizza in Chesterland. My main function is promoting BadaBing and driving business through the door. I do that by being myself (outgoing, talkative, friendly), and by offering high quality, innovative food items. Before being involved in Rotary I was a member of the St. Mary’s Chardon youth ministry adult core group for 4 years. Currently when I'm not at the shop I'm playing basketball at the Chardon Middle School, Metzenbaum Center, and Manry Park, playing volleyball at the Chardon Middle School, and Metzenbaum Center, playing soccer at the force athletic facility in Warrensville Heights, and playing ultimate frisbee at Bellflower Park in Mentor. Feel free to approach me if you're interested in any of these opportunities. I play mainly in competitive, but friendly pick up groups.
On a side note, BadaBing supports many organizations in Chesterland through its donation night program. A community organization picks a day of the month and promotes the day they pick. In return BadaBing donates a percentage of that nights sales, to the organization. The organizations donation nights are held monthly. For instance the Mayfield Church donation night is held the 1st Wednesday of every month. Other organizations include St. Anselms, the West G Band Boosters, St. Marks Preschool, Boy Scout Troop 195, the West G Girls Soccer team, the West G Recreation Council, and new this month is the Chesterland Rotary who is sponsoring the 3rd Tuesday of every month! hint hint, wink wink.....