Posted on May 23, 2018
Here is the list of our members that have received a Paul Harris Fellowship
District 7040 Rotary Club of Gananoque     
DonorRotary IDRecognition LevelAchieved DateOriginal PHF DateRotary Club
Ross Richardson +4022870PHF01-Jan-1977 Gananoque, ON (4571)
J Keith Taylor +4022855PHF01-Jan-1977 Gananoque, ON (4571)
J D Gilbert4192501PHF15-May-1985 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Frederick R Laughton621816PHF22-Apr-1986 Gananoque, ON (4571)
J W King +621835PHF04-Aug-1987 Gananoque, ON (4571)
James K Bodendistel622798PHF25-Jul-1991 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Michael J. Caswell1076362PHF20-Jan-1992 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Reid Asselstine +*1665147Benefactor18-Dec-1992 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Emily A. Bell1531099PHF06-Jun-1993 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Howard W. Bell +*621822PHF06-Jun-1993 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Seeta J. Neal1552182Benefactor22-May-1995 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Lou Jefferies +*4787711PHF22-Jun-1995 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Donald R. Price +*621839Benefactor02-Jan-1996 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Michel Longtin2481656Benefactor14-Nov-1996 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Kevin Montroy1261834PHF20-Jan-1997 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Seeta J. Neal1552182PHF20-Jan-1997 Gananoque, ON (4571)
D. Bruce Higgs914402Benefactor20-Jan-1997 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Dorothy Higgs4887476Benefactor07-Feb-1997 Gananoque, ON (4571)
M. A. Tony De Vette +*1182035PHF21-Jun-2001 Gananoque, ON (4571)
George A. Winter +*1843163PHF18-Jun-2002 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Annastasia Cliffe5970535PHF15-Jul-2003 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Richard E. Johnston +*2139302PHF15-Jul-2003 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Frank Kinsella +*1376732PHF29-Jun-2004 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Hal McCarney +*6140172PHF29-Jun-2004 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Reid Asselstine +1665147PHF+829-Dec-200418-Dec-1992Gananoque, ON (4571)
Liz M. Austin2382121PHF06-Sep-2006 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Jay R. Mittler6543532PHF06-Sep-2006 Gananoque, ON (4571)
William Webster1982942PHF08-Sep-2007 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Peter Mitchell Murray +*
6956610PHF24-Dec-2008 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Robert Smith 2382124PHF20-Sep-2008 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Bruce Gordon +*2534644PHF+129-Jun-200913-May-2002Gananoque, ON (4571)
Gwen A. Hundrieser5258559PHF+101-Sep-200924-Dec-2008Gananoque, ON (4571)
Suzanne Hanson Simourd
6113552PHF15-Oct-2009 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Garry Morton*5143945PHF+331-Dec-20091-Jan-1982Gananoque, ON (4571)
Donald R. Price +*621839PHF+301-Jan-201023-Feb-1988Gananoque, ON (4571)
Dawn Casselman6297841PHF01-Mar-2010 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Ronald Casselman5674657PHF01-Mar-2010 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Joseph J. Dorrington3411459PHF+101-Mar-20101-Sep-2009Gananoque, ON (4571)
Estate of Valentine H. Mody +621838PHF+124-Jun-20101-Jun-1992Gananoque, ON (4571)
Alia Hogben6784280PHF05-Apr-2012 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Ken  Stewart +*8466632PHF10-Apr-2012 Gananoque, ON (4571)
James J.W. Boltin +*5628875PHF13-Nov-2012 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Brenda Asselin8658763PHF10-May-2013 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Carolyn Jean Neta Knight2382125PHF10-May-2013 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Don Matthews5133890PHF10-May-2013 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Susan Ann Tulk8004626PHF10-May-2013 Gananoque, ON (4571)
D. Ann Bickerton +*8787851PHF19-Dec-2013 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Lynda Garrah8867568PHF21-Apr-2014 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Dorothy Higgs4887476PHF21-Apr-2014 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Joanne Lancaster5674659PHF21-Apr-2014 Gananoque, ON (4571)
John MacLeod8867582PHF21-Apr-2014 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Douglas W. Bickerton621813Benefactor20-Oct-2014 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Patrica Butchart8228187PHF11-Mar-2015 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Heather Howard9200693PHF11-Mar-2015 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Merna Price9200682PHF11-Mar-2015 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Bunny Randall9200690PHF11-Mar-2015 Gananoque, ON (4571)
D. Bruce Higgs914402PHF+201-Apr-20151-Jun-1992Gananoque, ON (4571)
John Cornish +9576609PHF19-Apr-2016 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Jayne Curtis9576606PHF19-Apr-2016 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Randy David Jenkins8538965PHF19-Apr-2016 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Jim Garrah9902918PHF21-Apr-2017 Gananoque, ON (4571)
JoAnn Merkley9012159PHF21-Apr-2017 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Jean Mody9902911PHF+121-Apr-2017 Gananoque, ON (4571)
John Nalon9902913PHF21-Apr-2017 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Estate of Val H. Mody +621838Benefactor24-Apr-2017 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Douglas W. Bickerton621813PHF+422-May-201730-Jun-1989Gananoque, ON (4571)
Hari Chandra Satyal10241470PHF13-Jun-2018 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Shree Krishna Dhital10241473PHF13-Jun-2018 Gananoque, ON (4571)
Judy Horton10241477PHF13-Jun-2018 
Gananoque, ON (4571)