The Rotary Club of Voorhees Breakfast continued its support of Cathedral Kitchen and their Culinary Arts Program by presenting an award for 'overcoming obstacles' to a deserving student.

This month, Club President Steve Neuner, joined the joyous occasion and presented Gaberial Solis with a well deserved award as Gaberial was recognized by his instructors as he overcame many obstacles to graduate from the program.

Gaberial's bio is as follows: "Initially when the program started, Gaberial was a little quiet, yet anyone who spoke with him, in a one on one setting, could see his fierce determination to succeed.  As the program progressed, he blossomed into an individual who speaks up for himself and his team.  Even when things became challenging on a personal level, he used his voice and communicated clearly what was happening and was able to overcome every obstacle in order to get the job done.  He is always ready to give 110% to all of his assigned projects regardless of the obstacles he has faced. Though Gaberial started with a quiet voice, he has grown into a team leader, always thinking of the best possible ways to do things efficiently.  Ja’Net can be quoted as saying, 'Working with Gaberial has been a breath of fresh air.  He has reminded me why I initially became a social worker and why giving back to my community is so important.'"
Our club would like to congratulate all the graduating students from the Culinary Arts Program and wish them the very best of luck in the future.