Posted by Michael Schaff on May 07, 2019

3-D Tomography

As is our way, we begin by welcoming our student guests and hearing a little about each. Matt Eckerberg is attending Gering High and intends to major in Computer Engineering and minor in Music at U.W. next fall. Jasmine Marquez, a senior at Scottsbluff High, has the goal of teaching high school Spanish at Scottsbluff High after finishing her Associates Degree at W.N.C.C. and going on for her bachelor’s degree. Announcements included a reminder of the club picture day next week, district conference coming up which includes a service project, and prayers for Lyle Hoke who is in the hospital still. Our program today was Dr. Gitesh Chhede, Radiologist at Regional West Medical Center, and Wendy Stirnkorb, Director of Imaging Services. The Regional West Foundation raised money for a 3D Tomography Machine to help with the diagnosis of Breast cancer. The machine replaces the Mammography machine and is much better at predicting cancer in dense breast tissue. It can create a 3D computer image using slices one millimeter thick and prevent having to call the patient back for further imaging, thus alieving worry that there is cancer.  The machine allows early detection and better outcomes for those who do have cancer. Since the purchase, there has been a 34% increase in volume for testing.