Posted by Michael Schaff on May 24, 2019

Are you prepared for a health Crisis?

The meeting began with President Mike Downey thanking those club members involved in the District conference held here last week end. He felt there was a good club turnout and thanked everyone who participated in the home hospitality program. He related that Zack Karpf made Twitter because he came to the aid of the entertainment when they ran out of gas on their way to the Civic Center. Rick Keller and the meat shop did an outstanding job with the food, as always.
The program today was Jodi Willats, Case Management Director at RWMC. Her husband, and club member, Mark Willats, announced with pride that she was awarded the Nebraska State Social Work Leader of the Year. She has 22 years’ experience at Regional West. She wanted everyone to know that Medical Social Work does not involve taking away children or checking into people’s financial situations. They are there to help people exercise advance directives, provide a support system, educated and communicate about resources including financial care, and to provide support to those experiencing trauma.  She wants members to be aware and prepare for unexpected health care crises. It is important to do so before it needs to be decided. Talk to spouses, children and parents and make decisions on what you want, where you want to go, and finances. Have a power of attorney and advance directives and be sure those you list to oversee know your wishes and have what it takes to carry them out.