Posted by Michael Schaff on Jun 12, 2019

U.S. Notional Hot Air Balloon Championship

We had a full meeting today. We welcomed four new members today. Each was given a pin and asked for a brief biographies. The members were Kevin Figg, Jodi Ruzicka, Mary Kate Scheinost, and Bill Boyer. Our program was given by Colleen Johnson, owner and pilot for High Plains Hot Air Balloon Company, and Balloon master for the Old West Balloon Fest.  She is here to tell us a little about the tasks the qualifying balloonists will be required to perform during the upcoming U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship. The event will be five days long with two practice days.  It will be in conjunction with the Old West Balloon Fest. 50 qualifying pilots will compete with the top three qualifying for the World Hot Air balloon competition. She played a short video which explained what the five days involved from a pilot’s view, then answered any questions.