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10/24/2019 Meeting commenced at The Steak Out with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Four Way Test, and Anne asking for well wishes concerning Ellen Kentnor, who was just involved in a traffic accident at the crossroads.  

PRESENT:   Members: Anne Gibson, President; Reba Webber, Secretary; Sue Archibald; Clare Bonelli; Joseph DeWolf; Phil Eiker; Mary Faley; Leslie Kramer; Susan Scott

Visitors & presenters:  Anne introduced Staff writer Marion Vendituoli & Board member Donna Lee from the Patagonia Regional Times

Polio Video:  In recognition of World Polio Day, Sue provided a video that provided some of the Rotary efforts in fighting and eradicating polio.  She will follow up with members with a link for the video.


Anne: Donation made on behalf of Rotary work in eradicating Polio & for Ellen Kentnor for a quick recovery

Phil:  Daughter had a good week

Joseph: Had a great time visiting the Superstitious Mountains as part of a trip for niece’s wedding

Clare:  Mike is doing well and has delivered13 cords of wood to the Cowboy Church

Leslie:  Happy that her dog had been extremely ill, but is finally showing signs of recovery

Mary:  Happy that Ginny Cosbey had and is recovering from her surgery & also announced that Elgin School is looking for a basketball coach and wants us all to get the word out

Sue:  Donating for the cause of Polio & looking forward to the cruise this weekend

Susan:  Happy for the Golden Eye that is blooming everywhere this year

Reba:  Hoping for Wisconsin win over Ohio State & that Michigan can beat Notre Dame

Visitors:  gave a donation for World Polio Day


1)  The Club Social, a potluck barbeque is still scheduled for October 31st at 5:00 pm at the Rotary Park.  So far 15 have signed up, so please sign up if you haven’t already.  Leslie needs to know how many brauts will be needed. This is a BYOB party, utensils and plates will be provided

2) The Club had 2 applicants for RYLA this year, Hannah Woodward (recommended by Michael Young) and Amaris Ochoa-Tovar.  Hannah has been selected and Amaris will be back up.  

3) Casino Night posters and tickets have been ordered & the publicity flyers are ready for distribution. Anne will put the flyer on the website & send via email to members.   Anne reminded members that she would like each of them to commit to purchase/sell 5 tickets for the event. Also to work on obtaining sponsors, we need the sponsors to make this a really successful event.  Leslie has already obtained 2 sponsors who normally support the golf tournament. Silent Auction items were also needed, so members need to try to identify or obtain auction worthy items. Current example is that Anne will be donating a dinner for a large party at the Babacomari Ranch.  Also, each member is to put together a basket for the raffles. Sue collects items during the year (for raffles) and will bring items to the Club members for them to use in the baskets, if needed.

Reba & Clare are on the Food committee, and Reba noted that Clare Bonelli had suggested that we might use the Youth Center in Patagonia to cater the event.  We would not need to pay them, but could advertise their participation and allow them a separate donation jar. The Club may also use this approach to appeal to potential younger members.  Clare will meet with the Youth Center co-coordinator next week to discuss their availability.  

4) During the discussion of the Casino Night event, Anne and Sue stressed that the Casino Night was not designed to be an annual event.  The Club needs other fundraisers and cannot just rely on the Golf Tournament as our only fundraiser. Members were encouraged to think about ideas for the Club and bring those ideas to the members for discussion.

5) The PUHS Student of the Month, Sidney McKay, could not attend tonight due to an away game, but will be attendance next meeting.

Guest Speaker:  Marian Venditouli, Patagonia Regional Times (PRT): 

Reflecting on the work of the Rotary Club and World Polio Day, Marion opened her presentation paraphrasing a quote from cultural anthropologist Margaret Mean: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful dedicated people can change the world.”  It was noted that this applied to the PRT staff and board, a totally 100% volunteer organization. PRT provides local news for the Patagonia/Elgin/Sonoita areas that is not included in the for profit newspapers like the Nogales International. Referred to as “community journalism”, PRT does have ads in their paper, but relies primarily on donor funding to finance their organization. Over 50% of their income is from donors.  Marion stressed that PRT will participate in NewsMatch, a national fundraising program that will match donations received between November 1st and December 31st, up to $1000 per donation.  Additionally, if PRT can secure 100 new donors, they will be eligible for a goal-based bonus.  Last years bonus was $5000. It was noted that the PRT is a tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible.

Marion also noted other changes that are and have occurred at PRT.  PRT has been accepted for membership by the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), expanded their online presence with the additions of twitter and facebook, a provides breaking news to users on the website, expanded the information on the website, and is collaborating with the U of A for a program to will provide assistance from graduate journalism students to work at PRT.  

PRT is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and is sponsoring a photo and essay contest for high school and middle school students in the community.  There will be a celebration event on November 30th from 2 to 4pm at the Tin Shed Theater in Patagonia for the anniversary.  The community is invited and the results of the contest will also be on display.  

For more details, call PRT or go online to the PRT website:


Meeting adjourned