Posted by Reba Webber

10/10/2019 Meeting commenced 6:00 pm at The Steak Out with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Four Way Test, and A moment of silence for Reflection 

PRESENT:   Members: Anne Gibson, President; Reba Webber, Secretary; Sue Archibald; Clare Bonelli; Phil Eiker; Doug Gann; Susan Scott


Anne: So happy to wrap up the distribution of the 3rd grade dictionaries

Doug:  His Digital Arts and Media Company is finally up and operating LLC! 

Phil:  Glad to be back, and glad that those he just left are in good shape

Clare:  was on vacation for a few days at Parker Canyon Lake and feeling rested, got the community newsletter out, her daughter meets this week on her dissertation hoping for a December graduation (congrats Sparky!), and feeling better about the Career Fair since meeting with Michael Young

Sue: Her husband is home for 2 weeks!  

Susan:  Got to participate in distributing the Dictionaries and U of A football is now 4 and 1!

Reba:  Celebrating the fact that the Michigan Wolverines beat Iowa in big win!  


1) The PUHS Student of the Month was identified at a morning ceremony attended by Ann.  The student, Sidney McKay, was selected by the Art teacher and will attend the next Rotary meeting.

2) Anne discussed the distribution of the 3rd grade dictionaries with the Club, and advised Sue that we will need to order more for next year, 43 were passed out and depleted our inventory.  Anne, Reba & Susan shared their experiences in meeting the children and the fun had by all. 

3) When there are 5 Thursdays in a month (we meet on 2 of those) the Club has held a social get together.  Anne proposed having a club potluck and barbecue at our Rotary Park. The event will show the community how the park can and will be used.  Members approved a barbecue for 10/31st at 5 pm with members. Anne will supply the meats and buns; members will supply side dishes and desserts.  This is a BYOB event. Anne will email all members with details regarding the event.

4) A fund-raising project that Anne has discovered,, was discussed with club members.  DonorTrail was developed to provide for ways to raise funds for charitable projects.  Anne believes that we maybe able to apply to the businesses in the area, especially the wineries.  She will investigate what the club would need to do to use this program and provide feedback at the next meeting.

AG Presidents Report:


  1. Bisbee Rotary Club’s “The Taste of Bisbee” will be 10/12/19.  This is their big fund-raiser.

  2. 11/9/19 is the Foundation dinner at the Playground bar and lounge in Tucson.  Check it out on the District website to register

  3. The DG visit is still scheduled for 11/14/19 (with our club)

  4. 11/26/19 is World Polio Day.  There will be a showing of the movie Breathe at the Loft in Tucson.  Breathe is the critically acclaimed story of Robin Cavendish, who contracted polio at age 28, but who survived and became an advocate for the disabled.  Check out the District website for more information.

  5. Our club will participate in the 4 WAY TEST Essay Contest, open to all high school students.  Anne will contact the schools about this. The club will pick a winner to submit to the District.

  6. RYLA deadline is next week, and we have already chosen a 1 Jr Counselor & 1 delegate.  

CASINO NIGHT (2/22/2020):

The proposed Sponsorship form for the event was distributed to the members, and discussion took place regarding the levels of, benefits of, and obtaining sponsorship for the event.  Sue noted that we probably need to think about sponsorships of less than $250, which is the lowest level on the form. How can we acknowledge those donations? To ensure success of the event Anne is challenging members to obtain a sponsor or sell 5 tickets to the event.  Also, each member will need to commit to providing baskets for the raffle (valued at $50-100 in the raffle). Anne will follow up with an email to all members to reinforce those items.

Sue noted that for the committee members, plan for 100-125 people attending the event.

Clare proposed an idea to partner with businesses in the area regarding the event.  Businesses like wineries, and B&B’s would market a “Sonoita Weekend” package that includes the Casino Night.  She will provide an update at the next meeting.

Career Fair (3/27/20): 

Clare & Reba had a productive meeting with Michael Young, discussed details on breakout sessions, key note speakers, additional careers we might highlight and contacts for those careers, how we will communicate with each other & with any participants, and clarified our roles and responsibilities.  We are now reviewing the documents that Randy sent and are beginning to identify which participants to contact for the event.  

New Business:

Reminder, any project brought to the club must be partnered with a fund-raiser.

Ideas for the Holiday schedule of meetings will be on the next agenda.   Just a reminder that we do not meet on holidays.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm