Posted by Anne Gibson on Feb 28, 2019
Meeting convened 6:00pm at The Steak Out, following a 30 minute social/networking opportunity. The meeting opened with the "Pledge of Allegiance", an Invocation, and a review of the 4 Way Test tenets.
Present:   Phil Eiker, Sue Archibald, Reba Webber, Roger Cogan, Leslie Kramer, and Anne Gibson.  Guests:  AG, "Hank" Huisking, fellow Rotarian from Sierra Vista Rotary Steve Hester, Mary Wood, Alex Ramos, Carmen Gomez, Al Ellefson, Faith Boice, Marti Conway, RYLA students: "Evie" Ramos, Gianna Martin, "Coco" Whitcoe, and Student of the Month Gideon Ellefson.
Happy Bucks:  Phil:  delighted his daughter, Manon, had a good professional training opportunity; Reba:  loved spending Valentines Day with the Pre-Schoolers + Kindergarteners at Patagonia School giving out books; Steve Hester:  happy to join us to tell us about a fun event he's promoting; Sue:  1) shared with us the wonderful BIG Thank You Book that the kids from Patagonia School gave us; 2) welcome to the RYLA gals; 3) welcome to her daughter, Mary Wood, and grandson, Alex; Anne:  happy to have so many students present for our meeting as beneficiaries of our Rotary club; Hank:  happy to be at our meeting and loving the great weather today.  
Special Recognition:   Phil was sorry that Charlie Kentnor was not present to receive his 2nd Paul Harris Fellow Award.  This award is a distinguished recognition of Rotarians who donate $1,000 to the Paul Harris Foundation.
Student of the Month:  Carmen Gomez, Spanish teacher at PUHS, presented the award to Gideon Ellefson for his improvement in tackling a foreign language, and being a strong team player. Gideon was present with his Dad, Al. 
Old Business:  
           Career Fair update:  Randy phoned in his update. Attached is the Itinerary. Randy has enlisted 51 individuals and various agencies to present their careers to the students. He's fine-tuned the format based on last year's responses. This year's Key Note Speaker will be Dean Fish, Ph.D, locally famous Agriculture advocate + expert. Our club is hosting the Hospitality House, with Sue and Reba organizing and they need HELP. Please contact either of them if you can help out.  We are strongly encouraged to attend, either to help out in any way ... or to simply see what an amazing event has been developed for the Patagonia and Elgin/Sonoita students.  Friday 8th March 8:45am PUHS  Please see Itinerary included herein. 
            Rio Rico Rotary Club Bike Race:  Saturday 23rd March. Our club "mans" the drink station for the racers in Patagonia; the table is located outside the public restrooms in the town park.  Randy, Anne, and Phil have volunteered.  The Rio Rico Rotary Club sponsors a Golf Hole in our own annual Golf Tournament in gratitude for our help in their event. 
             The Fred B. Sang Memorial Rotary Park update:    Leslie has been working with Deborah Fellows in the design/construction of the special plaque honoring Fred. They are shooting for a Dedication in May, allowing time for the plaque and the entry to be constructed. Leslie is also coordinating with Jennifer of the Fairgrounds. 
AG "Hank" Huisking district update:  Hank passed out a comprehensive Calendar of Events for our Region 11 and District 5500 for the next few months, included herein.  Please look at it as there are some really great events happening around Southern AZ for Rotarians. Hank highlighted a few of the events. She also urged us to set a date for our Officers Installation. 
Guest Speakers:  Marti Conway & Faith Boice of the Empire Ranch Foundation gave us an interesting historical background of the Ranch and the development of the Foundation.  On-going renovations of the historic buildings is a focus of their work along with the very many events held at the Ranch. I've included, herein, their "Working Calendar" of events from their most recent newsletter, along with a flyer for their upcoming Milestone Celebration on Saturday 23rd March.  Their Foundation is always looking for volunteers who can fulfill an endless list of tasks.  Please note their website on both of the included flyers. 
RYLA presentation:   Our club sponsored 2 students from PUHS, Gianna Martin and Coco Whitcoe, along with Evie Ramos, Sue Archibald's granddaughter, to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in the woods above Prescott over Martin Luther King holiday weekend. The gals gave a fun presentation sharing their favorite events and the challenges they tackled. Each of the gals voiced their excitement and appreciation of the opportunity;  they each noted that they gained valuable leadership skills and CONFIDENCE.  Its really wonderful to see the value of the work we Rotarians do in providing opportunities for our local youth.  
Kino Border Initiative update:    Phil continues to work with Fr. Sean in developing a project for their new facility in Nogales, Sonora. Phil's hope is to enlist the partnership of several of the Sierra Vista Rotary Clubs in getting a Global Grant.  Global Grants are a minimum of $30,000, and the application deadline is in July. The biggest task at hand is to identify a specific project and come up with a realistic budget. 
Last but not least ... Guest Rotarian Steve Hester presented a flyer (attached) of an upcoming concert event in Tucson, benefitting The Ronald McDonald House and TROT. He promises a rockin fun time.
We packed ALOT of business and great presentations in this meeting ... Adjourned at 7:15pm
February 2019 Student of the Month Gideon Ellefson
Empire Ranch Foundation Guest Speakers Marti Conway & Faith Boice
RYLA Gals Evie Ramos, Gianna Martin, and Coco Whitcoe