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Attendees:  Phil, Rachel, Mary, Sue, Susan, Roger, Leslie, Reba; Students of the month & their guests (see below),
Happy Bucks: Phil:  $1 for his daughter's safe return home to Vermont after her visit to Phil; $5 to thank Anne for hosting such a great party. Sue:  $1 Grand-daughter returned from RYLA; $1 her husband had his hip surgery and is doing great; $1 her grandson has a new name for her husband since his surgery, its Grumpy Grandpa. Mary:  $1 enjoying wintering here instead of in Michigan. Leslie:  $1 Her law partner had surgery and is doing well; $1 For her beloved Wisconsin Badger basketball team beating #2  Michigan!!
Student of the month:
The students that attended the meeting were as follows.
1.  Jesus Lopez Barreda for English accompanied by Michael Young  (Patagonia Elementary & High School Behavior Intervention Specialist).  2.  John Hubbell for AG. Science accompanied by his parents, Denny & Tonya Hubbell, and teacher Ms. Zamudio. 3.  Isaiah Ruiz for History, was unable to attend the meeting due to a family emergency.  He will be recognized at the high school next week with his parents or grandparents.
3.  Old Business
  a.  President’s Report: 
- Charlie has received his Paul Harris Fellowship
- Per our last meeting, Phil asked that functions of the Club bank account and the Foundation bank account be discussed. He stressed again that it was confusing for some members on what funds are used for which functions.  It will also shed light on how new and upcoming projects are supported.  Leslie and Susan informed the members that they had formed the Foundation, kept separate from Rotary International, in order to keep charitable event money available for support of local events/projects. Leslie noted that the Foundation has a checking, savings and money market account, which includes the returned grant money from the Kino Initiative.  Projects, such as the new Park, fall under the Foundation.  Leslie currently manages the Foundation and maintains the records, which are separate from the Club Treasurer functions.
- Phil had received a request for volunteers to help pass out water to bikers during the Patagonia Bike Race scheduled for March 23, 2019.  Randy and Reba had done this last year.  He asked for any volunteers.  We only need 2, the water is supplied and a table is put out in Patagonia (at the bathroom areas of the park.)  Job entails handing out water to any bikers that stop.  Contact Phil if to work on this event.
   b.  Treasurer’s Report:
- Sue went over the Profit and Loss statement, noting that there is $3500 cash on hand not noted on the handout.  The statement from July through December 2018 reflected a negative net income $842.79, but Sue noted that we had not received another $500 from PETS, and some members club dues were outstanding.  This handout reflected the most current information available.
     c- Project Status Report:
 Career Fair:
The identity issues that Randy had reported have been resolved according to Sue.  The Career Fair is scheduled for March 8, 2019 and planning meetings are scheduled and being held.  Randy, Sue, Rachel and Michael Young are working on the details.  Sue said that we would need $100 from the Foundation for expenses, the same as we spent last year.
d.  District 5500 Conference
Sue shared that we had received the Rotary Citation she discussed in the previous meeting, and displayed the copy for the members. 
New Business: 
a. New Banners
-Susan has received the new banners and they are in storage.
b.  RYLA
-Sue reported that RYLA participants have returned and that feedback was extremely positive from those we sponsored, including her granddaughter. 
c.  Rotary Park (Plaque) status
- Leslie reported that the plaque design commemorating Fred Sang is finished and Deborah will be forwarding the final design to the club for approval.  The podium is still an open issue and being addressed
d . District Grant –Kino Border Initiative
     -The matching grant from the Kino Border Initiative issue, discussed at last meeting, has been returned.  We have kept $937, placed in a separate account.  Father Sean still needs support for making improvements to their new warehouse.  Club members were supportive of this direction and we will need to reapply for another grant, possibly with other clubs, or a Global Grant.  Phil is working with Father Sean to determine what the actual costs will be for the improvements to the warehouse (i.e. kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, etc.) .  Those costs will determine the grant amount.  Phil has weekly call with Father Sean that includes discussion of the improvements and costs.  He will report status at next meeting.  Sue will check to see if there is a new minimum on Global Grants. 
e.  Golf Tournament status
  - Leslie emphasized again that the work on the tournament needs to be distributed among the members, so that she will eventually not have the sole responsibility of coordinating the event.  She and Fred have been the coordinators, and now that Fred is no longer here it has become a more difficult project to manage.  This has been the main fundraiser for the club, but Leslie noted that the trend for funds has been going down.  Instead of netting $20K we used to raise, we are closer to $12K now. But it is still the main fundraiser for the club. Leslie has established connections with the big donors, and the golf club, as well as being one member who understands how to set up a golf tournament.  Most members do not even play golf.  Phil suggested that if we decide not to do tournament that we could do a lot of smaller events during the year OR we need to step up and all participate in helping with the tournament.  A decision must be made now since the tournament is usually held in April.  Leslie noted that the Chili Cook Off, also held in April, brings in about $3000, so the tournament is still our biggest moneymaker and eliminating it will be very difficult for the club.  Finding big donors will be the key to any smaller events.   Phil suggested that we move the tournament to the fall, that will give us more time to redistribute the work and make decisions regarding the future of the event.  Leslie will contact the golf club to see if that is a possibility, due to the maintenance of the course.  Susan suggested holding a special meeting on 1/29 at 5:30pm, and Phil will notify all members.  Phil asked that the goal of the meeting should be to define the components of the event, identify the sponsors, identify potential new sponsors, and assign tasks to members. 
NEW BUSINESS (not on the agenda)
  1. Phil noted that the club needed to think about developing new fundraisers, and he would like to see the members bring some ideas forward at the next meeting.  Examples he discussed were:  a bike race similar to the Tour de Tucson which Anne had suggested last year; partnering with other clubs; partnering with other organizations, etc.  Club members discussed how they really need to think about new fundraisers, especially since many of our past donors no longer are available, not giving, and our current fundraisers are not bringing in that much money.   
  2. Rachel discussed the problem with the Patagonia Pool, the broken filtration system and maintenance repairs that need to be done.  The Pool maybe shut down due to the expenses.  She is trying to obtain community support in an effort to keep it open.  She would like all of us to think about the issue and see what we could do to help.
  3. Sue discussed the government shutdown and how it is impacting the border patrol. She would like the club to assist in someway.  Community members are already taking food to the patrol headquarters. Sue and Susan have talked with border patrol agents about what support they would need.  But the agents said that, per their internal directives, they couldn’t do that.  Susan said they need some help but they are being told to say “they are okay”.  Getting gift cards or gas cards, or perhaps setting up a gift account at the mercantile for the agents was discussed.  Sue would check with the mercantile to see what we could do.  Per Leslie, we have money in the contingency fund, and members discussed using $1000 out of the fund.  The fund had $3000 and we have only spent $937. 
  4. Reba discussed having the Empire Ranch Foundation present at a February meeting.  The Foundation has created an outreach group, and developed a presentation.  Reba will contact the group and find out when they are available and notify Phil.
Meeting was adjourned
December 2018 Student of the Month Isaiah Ruiz
January 2019 Student of the Month John Hubbell