Meeting convened @ 5:30pm at The Steak Out in Sonoita.
Present:  Phil Eiker, Rosann Clark, Roger Cogan, Sue Archibald, Susan Scott, Charlie Kentnor, Mary Faley, Michael Young, Leslie Kramer, Rachel Hochheim, Anne Gibson,  GUESTS:  Nancy Cassel,  "Hank" Henrietta Huisking.  
Phil presented Sue with a beautiful plaque and bottle of bubbly in appreciation of her tremendous work as our Past President.  
HAPPY BUCKS!Phil - Celebrating his daughter, Manon's, wedding; Thankful to Sue for tremendous work as Past President;  Susan - great           trip to Portugal + Spain; past exchange student Tessa will be visiting at end of August;  Charlie - celebrating 50 yrs a Rotarian!!!!!;                 Carmela, beloved dog of 13 yrs was sick but now well;  Michael Young - happy to be joining our Club as the Student Behavioral                     Intervention Spec. at Patagonia School District;  Leslie - happy football season has begun; Kino Golf Club will be reopening soon; the             AZ Women's + Men's Golf Associations will be integrated; Hank - Every club that applied for a District Grant was awarded full amount             $$$ requested; happy to welcome 3 new grandchildren; congratulations to Phil on Presidency of our club;  Rachel - happy that                       Patagonia District schools had such a great year last year;  Nancy - loves our club and has many wonderful memories of past                         exchange students; Roger - happy to join our club.
Old Business   a)  President's Report:   Phil reports that we have a very unique club in that we have great results for such a small group.                        His plans for this upcoming year are to keep our goals realistic and DO WELL by doing what we know.  Phil also reported that
                    our application for a District Grant for installing new flooring at the Comidor in Nogales, Sonora, was awarded in full amount.  
            b)  Treasurer's Report:  documentation attached.  Reviewed by all with no questions.  The 2018-19 yr budget was based on last
                    year's budget.  Megan wants to continue providing the "bookkeeping" services.  Anne will update & print our club brochure.                            Leslie will check into the Amazon donations to assure we are infact receiving.  The Treasurer's Report was unanimously                                  approved & accepted.
            c)  Checking Account Signatories:  Phil + Sue will sign new forms at the bank.  Voted + Approved to add Phil Eiker as a signator to the club account. 
            d)  Project Status Report:  Foundation Report + Budget by Leslie was approved.  The Park update is that the Ramadas shall be                                completed by Rodeo time (Labour Day).  Roger has graciously agreed to taking care of the roses.  The horseshoe pits + corn                          hole games are in.  A Park Dedication shall be planned once the sign is completed and up; Leslie is working on that.   We                                need to schedule a discussion of our individual Paul Harris Foundation donations as an Agenda item at a future meeting; we                            decided to table for an October meeting. 
New Business  -  a)  New Banners:  Susan will order.
            b)  Guest Speakers:   Anne will assign each club member a month to provide the Guest Speakers.  Rachel will take September.
            c)   Meeting Place:  In the past NOISE (from a band) has made it terribly difficult to hold a meeting at The Steak Out.  However, on                           this evening there was no band and the meeting was great.  Leslie will speak to the Wystrachs to see if the band could begin                           at 7:00 on the nights of our meetings.  Our meetings will begin with a Social Gathering at 5:30, and meeting to commence                             at 6:00.  We will resume beginning our meetings with the Pledge, The 4 Way Test, Invocation, and Happy Bucks.  In case the
                         Steak Out cannot change their music schedule we ask the club members to recommend locations (please check with your                               recommended location prior to assure its OK with them to host our meetings).
             d)  Student of the Month:    Michael Young has fine-tuned the program by outlining the Nomination Form criteria for the teachers
                         to submit monthly.  Please see the attached documents.  The Student of the Month award will be presented to the students
                         on the 2nd Friday/mo at the 9:20am nutrition break.  The student + their parents will be invited to the next Rotary meeting
                         to receive the $100 so that the club members can meet the students, and so the students get to meet the Rotarians.   
 Nancy Cassel discussed the Rotary Vocational Fund and its opportunities.  She has applications for these scholarships.  If you know                 of a post-high school candidate for a Vocational scholarship please contact Nancy.
 Hank reminded the club about the upcoming District Conference September 28-29.  She strongly urges members to attend, most                     particularly new members, as it is always very motivating.   Our District Governor will be visiting our club on Thurs 25th October.  
 Mary Faley was introduced as the new Superintendent of Sonoita School District and will be representing the Elgin School as their Rotarian.  We will induct Mary into the club at the next meeting she attends.  
Please see attached photos.  Go to ClubRunner Documents page to see documents.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm