Posted by Anne Gibson
Meeting convened at 6:00pm with The Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation 
PRESENT:  Phil Eiker, Leslie Kramer, Sue Archibald, Susan Scott, Charlie Kentnor, Rosann Clark, Reba Webber, Anne Gibson, Mary Faley, Rachell Hochheim;  Guests:  Amanda Zamudio, Guest Speaker from PUHS;  "Kat" Katherine Feltman, neighbor of Leslie + Anne. 
HAPPY BUCKS:  Sue - Happy her husband, Steve, is doing well following knee replacement surgery; Leslie - The Badgers (football team) ranked #4 in country; Susan - Happy that Tessa, our former German exchange student is arriving this weekend for a visit;  Reba - is happy that she learned how to donate/recyle her mother's hearing aids ****  please contact Reba if you want to learn how;  Charlie - happy that our majority female members elected a male President;  Anne -  happy that Charlie has been a Rotarian for 50 yrs!!!!  
PRESIDENT'S REPORT:  The check for $937 for the District Grant has been received and Leslie will deposit into a separate account under the Foundation.  Fr. Sean of The Kino Border Innitiative has been notified and Anne will notify the Rotary Club of Nogales, Sonora.  Phil will remind Fr. Sean that our participation goes beyond simply providing $$$, that we need to have an active role in the project.  It was suggested that we could help move out all the furniture, etc ... in the comidor, Phil will coordinate with Javier, the "project manager" and let us know date/time.  Phil began a discussion about our club's participation in the community, starting with The Border Patrol and the Patagonia Mines. Phil would like the club members to contact him via email as to their feelings about our support & involvement with the Border Patrol and the Patagonia Mines. 
Phil & Nicole are hosting a casual cocktail party at their home in the Rail X Ranch Estates on Thursday 8.30th at 5:30 for our club members.  Please join us! 
PROJECT STATUS REPORT: 2 grills have been ordered for the Park.  Hopefully the Ramadas will be up by the Labour Day Rodeo.  The Fairgrounds Board has asked us if we would allow a few RVs to be parked, on display/for sale on the Park site.  There was no consensus and a vote was not made.  2 individuals from the Fairgrounds Board requested that our club replace fencing that was removed during the construction of the Park on the NW section of the Park.  Rachell and Amanda, both members of the Fairgrounds Board, were not aware of this request.  It was voted + approved that we would provide $290 (an estimate provided by the 2 from the Fairgrounds who made the request) for a temporary fence to be installed for the upcoming Rodeo, until a more thorough request + discussion would be considered.  
DISTRICT 5500 CONFERENCE:  Phil included in the Agenda documents a page regarding "Exhibits Information".  He encouraged all of us to consider attending the conference.  The document(s) are in ClubRunner under DOCUMENTS.  
NEW BANNERS:   Susan reports that the cost for new banners is $240 for 25 and $440 for 50.  It was voted + approved that Susan would order 25 new banners.
GUEST SPEAKER:   Amanda Zamudio, AG teacher, PUHS, presented the CTED Funding which will be on the November Ballot Election.  Her flyer describing the program is in the DOCUMENTS section of ClubRunner.  It is estimated that the tax will be 5 cents/100 $$$ of your property assessment. This program will provide more vocational classes. 
COCHIN MIDTOWN ROTARY REQUEST FOR  ASSISTANCE:  discussion and voting shall be tabled until the next meeting
PARTICIPATION AT COUNTY FAIR ON FRIDAY "SCHOOL DAY":  In the past we have "manned" the "bar" giving out sodas to the students.  We need volunteers for the morning. Please be prepared to sign up at our next meeting, or contact Phil if you will not be present.
PUHS 50/50 RAFFLE AT RODEO:  It was voted + approved that we would sponsor a 50/50 Raffle at the Rodeo benefitting PUHS.
PUHS STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Anne + Phil will attend on Friday 9.15.18 @ 9:15am
3RD GRADE DICTIONARIES:   Sue + Anne will present at Elgin School on Friday 8.24.18 @ 8:00amm;  Anne + Susan will present at Patagonia Elementary on Tuesday 8. 28.18 @ 10:00am.  Awaiting to hear back from Patagonia Montessori for scheduling.  
All documents addressed during the meeting are available on the DOCUMENTS link in ClubRunner.  See pictures below!