Meeting convened, 5:55pm, at The Steak Out
Present:  Phil Eiker, Roger Cogan, Inge Meyer, Mary Faley, Susan Scott, Charlie Kentnor, Randy Heiss, Anne Gibson 
Guests:  Clare Bonelli
Phil opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation; he then introduced Inge and Clare, welcoming Inge back as a rejoined member and Clare as a potential new member.    
Randy gave an update on our club's Reach Out to The Border Patrol and South 32 (mine operations in the Patagonia Mntns). The Border Patrol is having to close lanes at the border due to shifting personnel to other highly critical areas.  Randy spoke to someone at South 32 about mine tours and he will take a tour on the Saturday following this meeting to get more info.  Randy also suggested making award to either of these organizations (or a specific member of that organization), recognizing their impact as large forces in our community. Randy will get in touch with Rosalyn, US Border Patrol community liaison. 
The Fred Sang Memorial Rotary Park dedication is pending construction of the plaque.  Leslie has done great work in the design effort, collaborating with local artist Deborah Fellows, the folks at the Fairgrounds, and various contractors.  We decided to hold the dedication once the plaque is in place, regardless if the iron archway is done or not. 
Chili Cook-Off update:  Susan is working with the chili folks and Charleen Manning on details, all we need are WORKERS! The date is Saturday 4/13. This is our club's second biggest fundraiser and the opportunity for YOU, our members, to step up and be Rotarians ... "walk the walk" ...  Please contact Susan to schedule your availability to participate. This is a REALLY FUN event that $$$ benefits our club.  
Kino Border Initiative Global Grant update:  Phil gave an update on continued efforts for a Global Grant to benefit the Kino Border Initiative new Comedor in Nogales, Sonora at the Mariposa Border crossing.  He is working with Fr. Sean to identify a specific Rotary project (ie Men's + Women's Bath/Shower Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Dormitory, etc) To update y'all ... a former warehouse right at the border has been acquired with plans to convert it to a place where migrants and refugees can be fed, receive basic medical attention, and spend a safe night.  We need 2 members to participate in Rotary's on-line Grant Writing webinar as part of qualification for the grant. 
New Business:   Mary announced Elgin School's Extravaganza & Community Showcase (formerly the Burger Burn), Friday 3rd May, 5:30-7:30pm.  The school staff is providing a complimentary "Pizza Palooza" dinner for all in attendance.  There will be student performances, classroom open house, and a book fair. Our club will have a table exhibiting our work & contributions to Elgin School. Please mark your calendars and plan to represent our club's support for Elgin School; wear your Rotary pride garments (shirts, hats, pins, etc ...)  Let's make this a great opportunity to showcase our club and recruit new/young families to the value of Rotary. 
Phil presents a new Agenda Item named "Bitch & Moan" wherein members have an opportunity to speak up!  Inge pitched right in with her observation that our club's "Little Library" at the Sonoita MiniMart is in dire need of attention. As this Little Library is a direct reflection of our club its important that we make it's maintenance a regular (monthly?) chore.  Anyone interested?  Roger followed with concern about who, specifically/officially, is responsible for regular maintenance of the Park.  Some mentioned that the prisoners gang who do maintenance work at the Fairgrounds, also do so for the Park.  Is there a formal/written agreement?
Meeting promptly adjourned at 7:05pm