Posted by Anne Gibson on Sep 26, 2018
Meeting convened at 6:00pm at The Steak Out with The Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation, and The 4 Way Test.
PRESENT:  Phil Eiker, Randy Heiss, Roger Cogan, Sue Archibald, Anne Gibson.  Visitor: "Kat" Katherine Feltman
HAPPY BUCKS!  Phil: Daughter, Manone, had a successful business trip to Houston, TX; GrandDaughter, Natalie is settled in as a Freshman at Univ. North Carolina. Happy to see Randy at meeting. Sue: Enjoyed the Club Social at Nicole + Phil's home; GrandDaughter is a Freshman at Salpointe High School and won a role in their production of FootLoose!  Roger: Happy for Joannie who is away on a well deserved vacation.  Anne: loves all the great work this club is doing. Kat: The VA (Veterans' Admin) will pay for her to earn her Masters in global security at the UofA.  Randy: spent 9 perfect days in San Carlos where he + Marcella have rented a home for a month. 
PRESIDENT'S REPORT:  1) Phil presented that the Sierra Vista Rotaract Club is requesting slightly used shoes for the project they are working on. Please bring to the next meeting 9.27th.  2) No one from our club was able to attend the District Membership Workshop in Green Valley 2 weeks earlier.  3) District Newsletter deadline is 21st of @ month. Anne will submit. (Unfortunately Anne missed Sept due to being out of state for that week). 4) Phil is having lunch with Greg Lucero, representative of the Patagonia Mines, as a congenial "reach out". 5) District Conference:  Sue and Anne will attend. Anne will get case of wine from Sonoita Vineyards (Owners' discount). 6) We paid for 3 students for RYLA. We need to send an additional $400 for a Junior Counselor position as the fellow who went last year is applying for a JC position. The $400 will be refunded if he is not selected. 7)  Someone noted that Leslie will submit Form 990.  8) Ride to End Polio + Tour de Tucson. We had a great discussion which resulted in the idea of our club holding a local bike ride from Sonoita to Patagonia (it was highlighted that it is a DOWNHILL ride!) in conjuction with the event. We would solicit local riders who would get donor sponsors. Furthermore, we could hold the event as the Grand Opening of the Fred Sang Memorial Rotary Park and kick-off the ride from the Park. Obviously we've got a tight time-frame, the Tour de Tucson is Saturday 11/17th.  Sue, Anne & Phil will head up a committee to determine if/how we could pull this off! We need an update from Leslie on the sign. 9)  Park update: Jim Rowley notified Sue that the Ramadas are going up tomorrow (9/14) at the Park, and the grills will go in next week. 10) MER Banners:  There was discussion that we need to beef up our "branding" and public exposure.  We should have banners to put up on the fences at PUHS, Elgin School, the Fairgrounds (each of those institutions has agreed). Sue will look into it and bring a $$$ amount to the club. 11) It was voted + approved to spend $120 to purchase 9 Rotary hats and 4 Way Test Coins to be given to the Student of the Month as a "keepsake" momento.  12) Randy is chomping at the bit to get going on beginning the planning for next year's Career Fair.  He needs to coordinate the date ASAP with PUHS. (Anne discussed with Michael Young the next day). 13) Kat and Mary Faley will be inducted as new members at our 10/11 meeting.
Damian Castro, September Student of the Month, PUHS with his Aunt + Uncle, Eva + Pete Acevedo, Anne, and Michael Young.
Park Ramada