Posted by Anne Gibson
Meeting convened at 6:00 at The Steak Out with The Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation, and The 4 Way Test.
Present:  Phil Eiker, Susan Scott, Sue Archibald, Rosann Clark, Rachell Hochheim, Michael Young;  Guests:  Damian Castro, Monica Acevedo, Andrea Sanchez, Anna Coleman, Ms. Lemons (Science Teacher, PUHS).
Happy Bucks:  Sue: her husband has had great recovery from his recent hip replacement surgery, welcomes Anna Coleman, Guest Speaker; Susan: UofA football beat So. Utah; Anne + Rachell:  both welcomed + appreciated Damian Castro, Student of the Month; Phil: A "Good Diagnosis" for Nicole. 
Student of the Month:  Damian Castro was introduced by Michael Young, along with his "Nana" Monica Acevedo, Mom Andrea Sanchez, and teacher Ms. Lemons. Damian was selected by his Science teacher, Ms. Lemons, for his "underlying potential as a student who can top the curve". Damian was awarded a crisp $100 bill.
Guest Speaker:  Anna Coleman, Founder + Director, Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center.  Anna annnounced the 4th Annual Adolescent Youth Conference, 9/29th, featuring guest speakers on health (physical + mental) matters, decision making skills, teen dating violence, and Katie's Way. Anna also reminded that PYEC welcomes AZ Tax Credit donations. They rely solely on private donations. Anna also spoke about all the benefits the PYEC offers our local youth, they are "open" from 4:00pm until the last kid goes home. Anna works as a volunteer at the center every afternoon following her full-time position as a teacher at Elgin School.  Please see DOCUMENTS in ClubRunner for a more detailed update on PYEC. 
District News:  "Hank" Henrietta Huskings has been elected as our next District Governor, commencing in 3 yrs. Our own Sue Archibald will take her position as our Assistant D.G. at that time!
District Conference:  this weekend. Anne is bringing a case of wine. Our club is being honored with the first annual LITERACY AWARD. 
RYLA:  We've paid for 3 spots, including Sue's granddaughter (paid by Sue).  Russell Sherman, who went last year, is applying for a Junior Counselor position. We need to pay in advance for his attendance ($400) and we'll be reimbursed if he is not selected. Sue will send $400.
Rotary Fundation Day 11/3rd:  Phil presented a flyer, encouraging members to attend.  The flyer will be in the DOCUMENTS of ClubRunner.
Park Dedication:   Shall be predicated on having the sign ready to hang.  Ideally it will be ready by 11/17th when we kick off our first Ride for Polio event bike ride from Sonoita to Patagonia, coordinated with the Tour de Tucson.  Sue, Phil & Anne will committee that event. Given the tight time frame we may start small, with just soliciting club members to ride. Club members will garner $$ sponsors for the riders. Phil will coordinate with local DPS, Rotary insurance, and Border Patrol. Another idea for the Park Dedication came at the District Conference when Sue + Anne learned this year is our club's 55th yr. anniversary. We could coordinated a Grand Bday Celebration with the Park Dedication. Again, its all predicated by the sign being completed. Leslie is working on the sign. 
Kino Border Initiative Comidor District Grant:  Phil has scheduled a meeting at the Comidor on Monday 10/1st; Sue + Phil will attend.
Rotary "Stuff" Order:  Sue has searched out banners. We want to purchase 3 banners to hang on the fences of PUHS, Sonoita Fairgrounds, Elgin School. Sue will order; we discussed our history with Darryl Umphleet, Anne will call them to see if they're still making banners. Sue noted that she would need to pull $$$ from our "main account" to cover as this is a one time expense. 
Sue also noted that she is working on clearing up the Paul Harris Donations 2017-18 vs the Micro-credit Program funding.
Rotary Leadership Institute:  1/26/19, Tucson.  Phil presented flyer, will be in DOCUMENTS in ClubRunner. Please consider attending.
Mat Bevel Company donation:   We received a request from Paula Shaper for an update on our club activities to include in their newsletter. Anne will send.
Elgin School Trash to Treasure:  Phil received a request for $$$ for this program. Mary Faley was not present to detail. 
Phil will be out of town for the next meeting, 10/11.  
Meeting adjourned 7:20pm
Student of the Month Damian Castro, Teacher Ms. Lemons, Michael Young, "Mom" Andrea Sanchez, "Nana" Monica Acevedo
Anna Coleman, Founder & Director Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center