Posted on Aug 31, 2018
President Phil and his lovely wife, Nicole, welcomed the club members to their home for our first 2018 club social.  The club had voted to get together at a member's home whenever there is a 5th Thursday of the month.  Present were:  Elen & Charlie Kentnor, Sue Archibald, Susan Scott, Anne Gibson, Rachell Hochheim, and guests Tessa Fiegle, our past exchange student from Germany, Keith Barth, Gary Cooper, and Tina Hall.  Tina is the new manager of the Audubon Society's Paton Center for Hummingbirds in Patagonia and a Rotarian that Sue met at the annual convention.  Sue and Tina regaled us with stories of the recent Rotary International convention in Toronto.  Sue also awarded President Phil with a Rotary Bolo Tie and the ladies with Rotary "bling" that she picked out for us at the convention.  See the pics below  ~  Sue and Tina strongly encouraged members to attend the annual convention, next year it's in Hamburg, Germany and the following year in Hawaii.  Sue plans to continue to attend annually.  
On another note, Susan, Tessa and Anne distributed 18 dictionaries to the 3rd Graders at Patagonia Elementary School on Tuesday.  The kids were enthusiastically appreciative and had fun looking up words and interesting facts.