Posted by Anne Gibson on May 11, 2019
Meeting commenced 6:00pm at The Steak Out with The Pledge of Allegiance, a personal moment of silence for Invocation, and the 4 Way Test.
PRESENT:  Members -  Phil Eiker, President; Anne Gibson, Secretary; Leslie Kramer, Susan Scott, Sue Archibald, Reba Webber, Mary Faley, Roger Cogan, Michael Young; New Members:  Clare Bonelli, Doug Gann.  Guests:  Ms.  Rebecca Ford, Librarian, PUHS; Chesed Chap + her Dad, May Student of the Month; Cassina Farley, Art Teacher, PUHS; Reyna Ochoa + her sister + her Mom, March Student of the Month. 
HAPPY BUCKS:  Not recorded, but FUN and WONDERFUL, nonetheless wink  $50 raised and donated to Arianna Ochoa, PUHS student and sister of Reyna Ochoa, for her Go Fund Me effort to participate in the SSVEC trip to Washington, DC.  Please visit her Go Fund Me page
SURPRISE PRESENTATION!  Deborah Fellows, reknown artist,  presented the magnificent plaque in honor of Fred Sang for the Fred Sang Memorial Rotary Park.
Everyone present was deeply touched and there were tears shed in remembrance of Fred and appreciation to Deborah for her personal contribution.  Special thanks to Leslie for her work in this very special effort.  The Park dedication is yet to be scheduled ... stay tuned ...
NEW MEMBER INDUCTIONS:  Susan, Membership Chair, inducted Clare Bonelli and Doug Gann!  Both have interesting and amibitious Bios and we know they'll be terrific members.  
STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Michael Young, Behavior Specialist, PUHS,  presented Chesed Chap as May's Student of the Month, selected by Ms. Rebecca Ford, Librarian AND Reyna Ochoa, March's Student of the Month, selected by Cassina Farley, Art Teacher, PUHS.  
Peter Chap (Dad); Chesed Chap, May Student of the Month; Ms. Rebecca Ford, Librarian, PUHS; Michael Young, PUHS
Mom Ochoa; Reyna Ochoa, March Student of the Month; Cassina Farley, Art Teacher, PUHS; Michael Young, PUHS
           Summer Meeting Schedule:  Due to travel/vacation plans of many members we will only be meeting on the following dates:  Installation Dinner 20th June and 22nd August.  Our schedule will resume normally with the 12th September meeting.  Its VITAL that all members continue to work thru the summer on the Golf Tournament, soliciting sponsors, players, etc ... 
            2019-20 Budget Review:  Treasurer, Sue, presented the budget proposal for the upcoming year.  Essentially, dues will remain the same, inspite of an increase by Rotary International dues.  Sue will send out the proposed budget to the membership for a vote.   Leslie, Treasurer of our Foundation, advises that the Foundation account will essentially be "zeroed out" once we've paid out the multiple student awards + scholarships and various projects  due this summer.  For the past several years the Foundation has contributed $100 for every club member to the Paul Harris Foundation.  A motion was made, and unanimously approved, that the $100 donation will only be made for club members who are present for atleast 50% of meetings and projects.  Other members are encouraged to make the minimum of $100 donation to the Paul Harris Foundation on their own.  The recent Chili Cook-Off garnered $1058 *** Thanks to Susan and those who volunteered for a fun day.    
            2019 Student Awards Ceremonies:   Our club presents a $100 award to six 8th Grade students from Elgin School and Patagonia Elementary.  Following are the awards:  Elgin School, to be presented by Sue Archibald on Thurs 23rd May to Nick Dektyar for Academics; Ryan Anderson for Citizenship; Brent Nicola for Athletics.  Patagonia Elementary, to be presented by Randy Heiss and Inge Meyer on Thurs 23rd May to Amaris Ochoa-Tovar  for Citizenship; Madeline McGuire for Scholarship; Elizabeth Urias for Leadership.  Reba Webber will present the $1,000 Post Graduate Scholarships at PUHS on Friday 24th May to Gianna Martin.  We need someone to attend the Buena High School Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 14th May to present the scholarship certificate to Hannah Rogers.  
             President Installation Dinner update:  You all should have received an E-vite for Thursday 20th June, 5:30pm at Anne Gibson's home on the Babacomari Ranch, 2638 Hwy 83.  Leslie and Susan have graciously offered to feature Sonoran Hot Dogs.  Club members are asked to provide either a salad or a dessert.  Anne will provide a modest bar/drinks (Mexican beer, white+red wine, iced tea, lemonaid, coffee).  If you have a particular drink of choice please bring for your enjoyment.  Its very important that you RSVP so we have enough food and tables set for everyone. If you have not received an invitation please contact Anne ASAP. 
             South 32 mines tour:  Randy has done a great job at setting up a private tour for our club on Sunday 23rd June, time to be determined.  Stay tuned for details.  Regardless of how you feel about the controversial mining issue in our community, it's important to be engaged and have all the information.  
             Kino Border Initiative and Grant update:  Phil continues to work with Fr. Sean on the new facility in Nogales, Sonora.  Unfortunately the timing of the Global Grant and District Grant application prevents us from meeting the deadlines in June and July of this year.  Incoming President, Anne, is committed to making this a priority for the upcoming year.  We will continue to pursue this project.  
             Park dedication:   Many of us had the benefit of seeing the handsome plaque that will be set at the entrance to the park.  Leslie continues to work with folks at the Fairgrounds and with the fellow who will be constructing the overhead entry way.  Stay tuned for a dedication date.  
            Golf Tournament update:   Leslie reminds us that the tournament is our primary annual fundraiser and a huge endeavor which requires dedication and effort from every member.  Tournament date is Saturday 2nd November at Kino Springs Golf Club.  While the club will be on "vacation" much of the summer its crucial that each of us continues to solicit sponsors and golfers.  I will attach the publicity poster and golfer sign-up sheet on our website for each of you to print and distribute.  Our club does SO MUCH great work in the community and we can only continue with the success of the golf tournament.  Every member of the club must actively participate.  
             District 5500 updates:   Incoming Governor, Ellie Patterson's, Induction Lunch is Sunday 23rd June, at the Tubac Country Club, 11:00am.  Please go to this link to register (required)  .  The District has the very ambitious goal to become the primary sponsor of the El Tour de Tucson and the Ride to End Polio, needing to raise $50,000 in the next month or 2!  Its amazing to note that $53 MILLION has been raised for Rotary's fight to end polio thru El Tour de Tucson in the past 9 yrs.  Please visit  for more info.  A motion was filed and unanimously approved for our club to donate $100 from our Foundation on behalf of the club.  
Meeting adjourned 7:20pm