Posted by Anne Gibson on Apr 21, 2019
Meeting convened at The Steak Out at 6:00pm with The Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation by Sue Archibald. 
Present:  Mary Faley, Leslie Kramer, Reba Webber, Inge Meyer, Sue Archibald, Susan Scott, and Anne Gibson
Guests:  Clare Bonneli and Doug Gann
Happy Bucks:  Susan:  Yay for the UofA Women's Wildcat Basketball Team; Sue: Granddaughter, Audrey, received scholarships and accepted to attend Seattle University; Inge: was on steriods for 4 mos and is now happy to be off; Reba: now able to drive for the first time in months (due to back issues); Leslie: celebrated 66 yrs yesterday (! Happy Bday Leslie!); Doug:  a friend of his was one of the engineers who worked on the Space X rocket which launched successfully today; Mary: her daughter is expecting her, Mary's, 7th Granddaughter; Clare: presented an offer on land in the Wildlife Corridor; Anne:  fulfilled that she has 2 wks left on her 6 mos contract to open a new medical clinic in Sierra Vista. 
2019 Scholarships:  Anne announced that the Scholarship Committee had 7 really outstanding  applicants.  Gianna Martin (PUHS) and Hannah Rodgers (Benson High) were selected. Mary Faley, Reba Webber, Sue Archibald, Charlie Kentnor, and Anne Gibson comprised the Scholarship Committee. 
Old Business:  Sue reminded the members about the upcoming "Spring Training" for new members and new Club Officers, at the Green Valley Country Club on Saturday 5/4th.  She also reminded about the speaker program in Sierra Vista on Thurs 4/25th, with Phil Silvers, Rotarian, giving a historical background of Rotary in District 5500. This program is at the Sierra Suites Hotel in Sierra Vista.  Sue also brought up the District Conference which happens to be a 3 day cruise from Long Beach CA to Ensenada, MX.  The club pays for the President to attend the District Conference, but Anne has a real problem with the club paying for a "cruise".  Sue has already signed up, at her own expense.  Anne conceded with the agreement that she will split the cost 50/50 with the club.
Mary Faley reminded all about Elgin School's Extravaganza on May 3rd.  Our club will host a table featuring the work that our club does for the local schools & community.  Susan Scott and Anne have committed and ALL our Rotarians are urged to attend, wearing your Rotary "swag" to present a strong presence + awareness of Rotary's contributions to our community. 
Presidency Hand-Off:  Anne announced that the Installation Dinner would be Thursday, 6/20, at the Babacomari Ranch "Big House".  Leslie & Susan offered to feature their Sonoran Hot Dogs.  The rest of the club can do "PotLuck w/complimentary side dishes and desserts (PS ... the location will have to be changed due to a major project at the Babacomari Ranch ... please stayed tune ...)  
Outreach to Border Patrol: tabled due to the absence of Randy who was coordinating this effort. 
Outreach to South 32 mining in the Patagonia Mntns:  tabled due to the absence of Randy who attended a tour and is coordinating a tour for club members. 
District Grant and Kino Border Initiative:  tabled due to the absence of Phil who is coordinating with Fr. Sean.
Park Dedication:  Leslie provided update.  She continues to work with Deb Fellows and the foundry who are producing the dedication plaque to Fred Sang.  The foundry estimates that they will have the plaque completed sometime in April.  Leslie is also following up with Cody who is constructing the overhead entry.  As soon as Leslie has a delivery date for the plaque we will schedule the Dedication. 
Further New Business:   Sue presented the updated Treasurer's Report which will be available on Rotary's Club Runner under Documents. 
Chili Cook-off:   Susan listed the volunteers w/their tasks; as always more volunteers are needed and appreciated.  
Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm