Posted by Anne Gibson
Meeting convened 6:00pm at The Steak Out
Present:  Charlie Kentnor, sitting in for Pres. Phil (away), Sue Archibald, Leslie Kramer, Reba Webber, Susan Scott, Anne Gibson; Guest: "Cigi" Cynthia Smith, Nurse Practitioner.
Meeting opened with The Pledge of Allegiance, The 4 Way Test, and an Invocation (a silent moment dedicated to all the victims of the recent weather calamities around the world).
Happy Bucks:  Charlie, Happy he + Elen are going to the East Coast for 3 weeks for the Holidays. Charlie and his sister will celebrate their birthdays together; Sue, her husband was in Florida until yesterday and got out just in time to miss Hurricane Michael; Anne, happy that Sue was present to accept our club being awarded The First Annual Literacy Award at the District Conference; Leslie, The Brewers are in the ranks for the Pennant for the first time since 1982. 
We began with welcoming Cigi and asking her to give us an introduction. She is the owner of Desert Streams Family Practice, a medical clinic next to Sonoita Realty at 3123 Hwy 83. She is a Tucson native who has a history as an Emergency Room and ICU nurse, is a licensed Nurse Practitioner; her husband, Marc, a registered nurse, is her partner. They moved here last year after years of visiting and falling in love with our Mountain Empire! The clinic's hours are Mon-Thurs, 8-5, Fri 8-1. Currently she is in the process of getting contracted with Medicare; they have based their pay schedule on a substantially reduced rate, patients can submit for reimbursement to their insurance company.  We followed by each of us giving a brief intro + history of ourselves. 
New Business:  Sue attended the Presidents' Meeting in Phil's place, following is her report. District Governor, Kirk Reed, will attend our next meeting and he will present us with The President's Award Citation. Every club in our District qualified which is a rare occurrence. Wouldn't it be great if every club member were present to welcome the District Governor!?! The District Fundation Day is Nov. 3rd at Skyline Country Club. Our club will pay for a member to attend ($50). No one at the meeting is able to attend ... so let Sue Archibald know ASAP if you can go.  We must have a President Elect to attend PETS in February. If we do not have a President next year we will NOT have a club. Anne volunteered (reluctantly). She will contact Hank Husking to let her know. Leslie reports that Kino Golf Club will reopen on 10/24th and we can proceed with plans for our annual Golf Tournament.  Leslie updated us on The Fred Sang Memorial Rotary Park:  Member, Roger Cogan has requested compensation for his work as caretaker of the Park, which includes rescuing & caring for the rose garden.  It was voted + approved that Roger's quarterly dues will be reduced 50% to compensate for his on-going work at the park, effective this current quarter. Sue will send him a revised bill. Roger will also be reimbursed for any "out of pocket" expenses neccessary to maintain the rose garden. Leslie noticed that the 2 Corn Hole games disappeared today between 9:00-3:00. Jim Rowley has no knowledge of this. Sue will contact Jennifer Rinaldi (Manager at Fairgrounds) tomorrow morning to ask if she knows what happened; if she has no knowledge, Sue will file a Police Report of theft. Remaining items for the park are the sign and trash receptacles. Leslie hasn't had a chance to get bids on the sign. Trash receptacles must be secured and designed so people can't just dump their home trash.  Leslie also brought up our club's annual donation to The Paul Harris Foundation. Historically the club has donated $100 for every member from the Foundation account. This is not a typical procedure. There was good discussion revolving around setting a criteria for which members should be awarded the club donation on their behalf to the Paul Harris Foundation. One of the criteria would be at least 50% meeting attendance/yearly. Another criteria would be participation in at least 1 Fundraiser yearly.  Another criteria would be the amount of work a member contributes to club projects or fundraisers. We proposed that this topic be on the Agenda for the next meeting and a vote made. New Member Induction of Kat Feltmann and Mary Faley shall be at the next meeting with the participation of District Governor, Kirk Reed. 
Meeting was adjourned at 7:10pm