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March 2018
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Service Above Self!

2nd and 4th Thursdays 5:30pm
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Our RLYA Delegates shared their experience from the 2018 RYLA training at our club meeting!  Carina and Russell worn their shirts proudly and felt the experience was valuable. Russell also expressed his interest in applying next year as a counselor! 
A wonderful day at this years wine festival. Thanks to Rotarians Susan Scott and Leslie Kramer for their help in making our raffle at the event a success!
Congratulations to Senior, Juan Urias for being selected by his teacher Jason Schreiber as the Patagonia High School Rotary Student of the Month in Music! Thanks to Rotarian Phil Eiker and School Board President Ron Pitts for presenting the award!
Yesterday was the Mt. Empire Rotary Career Fair at Patagonia Union High School. We want to thank the Rotary Club for their support and especially Rotarians Randy Heiss, Sue Archibald, Reba Weber, Ginny Cosbey and PUHS Guidance Counselor, Rosann Clark for all their hard work and effort. The event was an amazing experience for the students who were able to talk to professionals representing over 45 organizations, private corporations and partnerships, former PUHS graduates as well as universities and community colleges. There were demonstrations, break-out sessions and a key note speaker who gave an overview on skills needed for the future workforce. We also want to thank the middle school students and teachers from Elgin for joining us today. Kudos to all for another fantastic event!

Planning meeting Minutes 2/15/18

Leslie, Randy, Charlie, Susan S, Rosann, Sue A, Phil (via phone) and Reba Webber.

Reba handed in her application for membership this evening as well. At the next Rotary meeting she and Ann Gibson (who transferred from SV) will be inducted into the Club. A special congratulations Reba a Brand-new Rotarian and were glad Ann came back!

Rosann shared the wonderful Thank You Card we received from the Patagonia Elementary School Pre-School class. So sweet!

Fred Sang – It was decided that we would dedicate the new Rotary Park to Fred. When we have the grand opening of the park we will invite his family to be a part of the dedication.  A sympathy card will be given to Irma in which she will be made aware of that. Most of us will be his funeral on Saturday and Irma asked that we bring deserts to the reception at the school after the service.

Park – Caleb Everhart from Monument Steel and former Rotarian Jim Rowley have agreed to complete the work on the park Ramada’s, corn hole, grills and horseshoe pits. This is wonderful!

Golf – The group went through last years sponsor list and divided it among those in attendance. We also added new potential sponsors. Leslie will be the contact for the sponsors and checks will be given to her. Chuck is writing the letter to the Legacy Foundation and he will be contacted in regard to Golf Course donations of foursomes. Sue A agreed to head up the raffle and begin working on local business for donations. Reba agreed to go to the winery’s. Susan S is applying for the liquor License and she and Phil will work the margarita tent. Anne will take care of breakfast the day of the event and Randy will work on the set up at the golf course. He and Sue A will meet at the storage unit soon to gather all signs and other items for the day. We agreed that instead of “goodie bags” we would put a water bottle and snack bar for each golfer in their cart. Unless we can get enough good donations for the bag. Leslie has ordered the prizes. Folks will be needed for the day of the event to help with selling mulligans, registering golfers and getting the lunch organized. Leslie has the food taken care of. Sue A will write the thank you notes after the event. The PRT article has been submitted for the March edition. We need golfers!!

Career Fair 3/16 – Randy gave an update and encouraged folks to help. We are responsible for the hospitality room, greeting guests and anything else Randy may need. Rosann, Reba and Sue A are currently on the school committee working on this. He stated that it is coming together nicely.

Scholarships – The announcement for this year’s scholarship applications will go out in the April PRT and the Nogales International. Sue A has these but will need a few folks to review them and make the decisions about awards once the applications are in.

Chili Cook Off – April 20-21 will also be a Chopped Event. Susan S will keep us updated and she will need volunteers for those two days to man the tent. Instead of having a raffle at the cook off it was decided that we would do a raffle at the Southeast Arizona Wine Growers & Music Festival on March 10 at Kief Joshua’s Vineyard. Susan S will prepare the raffle prizes.

Club and Foundation financial status was shared.

We need a President Elect and folks were asked to consider volunteering.

Change of Gavel will tentatively be June 14. More info to come.

Next Meeting is Feb 22 at the Steak Out!

Minutes of Mountain Empire Rotary Meeting
Date:  February 22, 2018  5:30 p.m. at the Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita
Meeting, Pledge and Invocation:  led by Sue
Members and Guests:  Rosann Clark,  Susan Scott, Anne Gibson, Sue Archibald, Rachell Hochheim, Ginny Cosbey for Chris Bonn, new member Reba Webber, and guest speaker Roslyn Bonchikas.
Announcements & Club Business: 
·         March 5th – Kief-Joshua is teaming up with a Sierra Vista for a dinner event. More info to follow watch your emails.
·         March 10th – Raffle during the Wine Festival at Kief-Joshua. Help is needed selling raffle tickets the day of the event from approximately 11 – 2. Let Susan S know if you can help out.
·         March 16th – Rotary Career Fair at PUHS – help needed in the hospitality room to register presenters and make sure they are comfortable, starting a little before 8 a.m. Then, possibly helping serve lunch to students and guests between noon and 1.
·         April 7th is the Golfing for Scholars Golf Tournament. Help is needed getting golfers, sponsors, donations and prizes.
·         April 21-22 – Chili Cook-Off at Kief-Joshua. This year there will be a “Chopped” event and help is needed getting the word out, selling tickets and getting cookers signed up.
·         March 24th – The Rio Rico Club needs help to man their bike race turn around spot in Patagonia. Rotarians needed to man the water booth as the bikers turn around at the Park.
·         June 14th – Change of Gavel…details to follow
·         The next meeting will be March 8th at the Steak Out, 5:30 p.m. Our 2018 RYLA delegates will be joining us to share their experiences.
·         The next Student of the Month at PUHS will be presented on March 9th at PUHS at 9:05.
Club Business:
Anne Gibson was inducted as a returning/transferred  member by Sue A.
Reba Webber was inducted as a brand new member and presented a her pins and welcome packet by Sue A.
Welcome to them both , make sure you get to know them!
Guest Speaker:
The guest speaker tonight is Roslyn Bonchikas, Community Relations Officer for the Sonoita Border Patrol office.
The Sonoita office has 300 agents, 6 Horse Patrol agents and an International liaison unit. She showed several slides containing apprehension data, indicating that across the board incidents are significantly lower than they were last year. Marijuana seizures are way down and she attributes this to the fact that since it has been legalized the cartels are selling it legally within the U.S. borders to distributors who will sell it legally.
The border is completely controlled by the cartels on the south side, not by our officers to the north. The use of 8 new camera towers since November partially explains the lower numbers as well.
The Citizen’s Tool Kit outlines what information should be reported by citizens:
1.       What was observed…complete details.
2.       When was it observed?
3.       Where was it observed? Mile markers, landmarks, GPS
4.       Direction of travel…
5.       Call back number and follow up requested.
The main number is 520-455-5051, Dispatch is 520-455-4275 – this is the best one to use and Roslyn’s number is 520-604-1977. See Something! Say Something! We Depend on You!
The meeting was adjourned at 7: 00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Rosann Clark
Rosann shared with the club this wonderful thank you card from the Patagonia Pre-school students who receive new books on Valentines day! Here are two of the 7 wonderful drawings!
Congratulations to Chesed Chap for being named the Student of the Month at Patagonia High School for Science.
Her teacher, Allison Lemons,  shared this with the school. "I chose Chesed based on her consistency. She consistently demonstrates a depth of thought that is rare. She consistently participates in every task I put forth, even if it seems silly or mundane. She consistently executes our learning goals thoroughly and thoughtfully. And she consistently demonstrates excellence in citizenship." A big Thanks to Rotarian Rosann Clark and Sue Archibald for presenting this award.
The meeting was attended by Rotarians Sue Archibald, Susan Scott and Rosann Clark.
The visitors included former member  Chuck Carlson and potential member Reba Webber.
Announcements and upcoming dates -
February 14 9am books for Pre School Students presentation after the Student of the Month presentation at the Patagonia School. Please join if you can it will be fun.
February 15 5:50pm Club planning meeting at Sue Archibald's - we have lots to talk about. Please plan to attend.
February 22 regular club meeting at the Steak Out.
Rotary Career Fair - March 16 - we are responsible for the Hospitality room for the presenters.
 Its a fun event if you can help let Sue A. know.
April 7 - Golf Tournament - we need golfers, sponsors and raffle prizes. This is our big fund raiser of the year!
April 21&22 - Chili Cook-off at Kief Joshua's Winery 
Overall the meeting was one talking about the sudden loss of Rotarian Fred Sang. A special thanks to Pastor Chuck who came to join in the process of the club expressing their sorrow. 
Fred was a dynamic member of MER and will be sorely missed. 
There will be services for Fred on Saturday the 17 at 10 am at the Catholic Church in Patagonia followed by a reception at the Patagonia School Cafeteria.
Next meeting is a special meeting on the 15th of February at Sue Archibald's home - 24 W. Calle Sobaipuri - lots to discuss and we need everyone's help as we look forward to the upcoming events and the future.  
Phil Introduced our special speaker - Fr. Sean Carroll, S.J brought the Kino Boarder Initiative Project to MER. A wonderful presentation and a potential opportunity for International Service.

The Kino Border Initiative (KBI) is a binational organization that works in the area of migration and is located in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.   The KBI was inaugurated in January of 2009 by six organizations from the United States and Mexico: The California Province of the Society of Jesus, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, the Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, the Diocese of Tucson and the Diocese of Nogales.  The KBI’s vision is to help make humane, just, workable migration between the U.S. and Mexico a reality.  Its mission is to promote US/Mexico border and immigration policies that affirm the dignity of the human person and a spirit of bi-national solidarity through:

-Direct humanitarian assistance and accompaniment with migrants;

-Social and pastoral education with communities on both sides of the border;

  • -Participation in collaborative networks that engage in research and advocacy to transform local, regional, and national immigration policies.
Fr. Sean reported that last year they served 46,820 meals to 8,383 individuals, offered first aid to 3,784 migrants requiring medical attention, sheltered 380 women. Rev. Sean Carroll is the Executive Director. They have secured a new location where they can expand their services. And they are always looking for volunteers and financial support.
Thanks to President Elect Phil for bringing this to the Club! Special welcome to our visitors Hank Huisking and Reba Webber. 
See everyone on February 8 for our next meeting. 
This years RYLA participants - Karina and Russell - sharing their RYLA experience at this mornings assembly at Patagonia High School. We are so glad they had a wonderful time!
Congratulations to Jesus "Ralphie" Quiroz for being the January Patagonia High School  Rotary Student of the Month for History. His teacher, Kenny Hayes, were proud to present him this award for all his hard work! 
Minutes of Mountain Empire Rotary Meeting
Date:  January 11, 2018 5:30 p.m. at the Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita
Meeting and Pledge:  led by Phil
Invocation:  led by Chuck Carlson
Members and Guests:  Rosann Clark,  Susan Scott, Fred Sang, Ann Gibson, Charlie Kentnor, Phil Eiker and guests Chuck Carlson and Margaret Hepburn.
Announcements & Club Business: 
·         Phil attended a meeting for Presidents and will be bringing us more information.
·         We have a special club planning meeting on February 15 to discuss the direction the club should take. It will be at 6 p.m. at Sue Archibald’s home…everyone is encouraged to attend.
·         Phil will be attending PETS in LA this February.
·         Everyone needs to get started on lists and sponsors for the golf tournament on April 7th. Fred is looking for caterers since the club’s kitchen has closed. We need to get a one day alcohol permit for the Bloody Mary and Margarita booth. Ann volunteered to take care of the breakfast. Phil and Susan will do the drink booth again.
·         The Chili Cook-Off will not be tied in with the Wine Festival this year. It will be held on April 21 – 22.
·         The Park committee needs to meet soon to determine where to place the Ramada’s and horse shoe pit.
·         Rosann notified the club that the morning schedule has been changed and we don’t know who it will impact the Student of the Month presentations.
·         The guest speaker from the Border Patrol would like to know what we would like them to address when they come talk with us. Let Susan Scott know.
·         The next meeting will be January 25th at the Steak Out, 5:30 p.m. The guest speaker will be Sean Carroll of the Kino Border Initiative.
Guest Speaker:
Chuck introduced Margaret Hepburn, CEO of The Legacy Foundation. Through a process of leaving the old Sierra Vista hospital and building the new hospital, the foundation received $65 million. They were able to give the old facility to Cochise Community College. The purpose of the foundation is to Promote Population Health and Community Wellness throughout southeastern Arizona. The foundation benefits Cochise County and eastern Santa Cruz County, through Sonoita.
The grants that the foundation offers and funds include those that bring organizations together to increase synergy, innovative grants that propose new solutions to old problems, responsive grants, emergency funding and strategic grants for $500,000 and above. The grant applications and grant cycle is on their website.
The meeting was adjourned at 6: 45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Rosann Clark
Congratulations to Duke Norton who was awarded the December Patagonia Student of the Month Certificate. His teacher Mrs. Hayes and Rotarian Sue Archibald were there to present it. 
Great Job Duke!
A big THANK YOU to Phil and Nicole for hosting the MER Christmas Party! Great fun, food and fellowship!
Letter and Pictures that accompanied our donation to the Beaumont, TX Rotary Foundation! Thanks to everyone who helped out, our schools and members who donated and believed that even Pennies can make a difference! 
Rhonda Harrington, District Governor,  Rotary District 5910
c/o Bobbie Applegate                                                
985 IH-10N, Suite 111
Beaumont, TX  77706
Good morning, I have enclosed a check for $1,519.10 from the Mountain Empire Rotary Club, District 5500. We are a rural area in Southern Arizona and represent three communities - Elgin, Patagonia and Sonoita, AZ. The week after Harvey hit one of our members, Rotarian Rosann Clark, stated that the students at her school - she is the school counselor- wanted to do something to help students that are being affected. So, she came up with the “Pennies for Harvey” Project. Her school, Patagonia Elementary and High School K-12 has 175 students. The enthusiasm caught on and our second school, Elgin Elementary School K-8 with 112 students, jumped on board. The students raised $1,019.10 and our club added $500. As you can see Rosann had the “honor” of counting all that change!
The students also are sending some notes for you to share with students who suffered from the hurricane. The students would like their donation to go either to a specific class or school, so they can get whatever they need.  
Please send us an update as to how the donation was utilized. The students here are excited to know what the outcome is. Pictures are great as well. I will make sure both school share the information with their students.
We are so happy to send this to you! I know it’s a small “drop” but it is coming to you with much love
Yours in Rotary,         
Sue Archibald, President, Mountain Empire Rotary   
Annual District Governor Meeting November 1, 2017 at the Steak Out.
Thanks to Joe for joining us tonight. His presentation focused on the primary areas of Rotary and the importance of supporting the community.
Joe thanked the Club and our Foundation for all their ongoing work, their 50+ years of service, the receipt of a District Grant this year, and the progress that has been made on the park! He wanted us to be sure to invite him to the first picnic we have there! 
Joe installed our newest member -  Rachell Hochheim, Supertindent PUSD 
We honored last years Club President - Kief Manning - Thanks for stepping up! We all appreciate it!
Rotarian Randy Heiss was presented with last year's "Above and Beyond" award for all his hard work especially on the Career Fair in May at the High School.
It was a wonderful evening.
The Club will not be meeting later in November due to Thanksgiving.
Phil is planning on hosting a Holiday Party on December 14. 
Congratulations to Elizabeth McKay our Patagonia High School Student of the Month. The Art teacher, Elizabeth McCowin, made the presentation and enjoyed presenting her student for all her hard work. Thanks to Rotarians,  Fred , Rosann and Sue for being there and supporting our local youth!
The teacher also expressed her gratitude to Rotary for their ongoing support of the school and students!
MER Club   Minutes 10/26/17
Meeting called to order by President Sue
Pledge lead by Phil
Attendance – Susan Scott, Sue Archibald and Phil Eiker
Upcoming meeting schedule was shared.
Nov. 1 District Governor Visit
No other meeting in November due to Thanksgiving
Dec. 14 (tentative) Holiday Party at Phil and Nichole’s home
No other December meeting due to Christmas.
Jan. 11 our speaker will be Margaret Hepburn back to regular meetings at the Steak Out.
A “Rotary Meets Here” plaque was ordered for the Steak Out.
The District Governor’s annual visit will be Nov 1. Aboard meeting will begin at 5pm (so Susan, Fred, Leslie, Rosann, Phil should be there early). He is meeting Sue a bit early to drive over to see our park. The DG will also be inducting Rachell into Rotary while he is here. He is bringing a power point to share. Lets have a good turnout and bring folks with you if you can.
The joint Park planning meeting is this Monday at 4pm at Leslie’s office.
We are awaiting news from the Elgin School in regards to their “Pennies for Harvey” drive so we can forward the donation onto Texas.
Phil and Nichole are working with the 3rd grade teacher at Elgin to set a date for the Dictionary Project there.
The Sierra Vista Club has requested our financial assistance with the Foreign Exchange Student. Since they sponsored Cosette from Patagonia for us we had told them we could help if they let us know what they needed. They have request $750 or whatever we can do. We will have to discuss this when we have a majority of members at our next meeting.
Randy has begun planning the Patagonia School Career Fair for this year for March. More information to come.
As many know RI is not focused solely on attendance anymore and is encouraging us to keep trak of hours spent on Rotary activities. We will discuss this further although Susan said this was something our club had done in the past.
Submitted by Sue Archibald
Minutes of Mountain Empire Rotary Meeting
Date:  October 12, 2017  5:30 p.m. at the Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita
Meeting and Pledge:  led by Sue
Invocation:  A moment of silence for the victims of the fires in California.
Members and Guests:  Rosann Clark, Sue Archibald, Susan Scott, Joseph DeWolf, Leslie Kramer, Phil Eiker, Susan Phillips
Happy Bucks:  
·         Sue Phillips was happy that her daughter is doing so well and happy in school in Showlow, finishing high school and taking college classes, too. She tested into a math class above calculus (THANKS to Mr. Melanson at PUHS)!
·         Phil is happy that his granddaughter has gotten married in Vermont.
·         Leslie is happy to be back home after all her travels and that her Badgers are doing so well!
·         Joseph is happy that he has 2 trucks and 6 firefighters in Napa Valley, helping fight the fires.
·         Sue Archibald is happy to have donated blood today and that her son is coming home for 2 weeks vacation from the cruise lines.
Announcements & Club Business: 
·         RYLA applications were reviewed and 2 delegates, sophomores Russell Sherman & Karina Norton, plus 2 alternates, freshmen Hannah Young & Kurt Whitcoe were chosen.
·         We have received an invitation to join the Chamber of Commerce. It was suggested that we should invite them to come visit us as guest speakers to inform us about what the chamber is doing currently.
·         Sue will be attending the conference and taking along a case of Kief-Joshua wine.
·         At the November 1st meeting with the district governor, we will have him do the honors of initiating Rachell. Her family will be invited to attend.
·         Next Tuesday night we are on the agenda at the Fairgrounds Board Meeting at 6, to talk about the park.
·         With Jim stepping down as treasurer, Megan Peterson will handle the bookkeeping for the club. Susan Scott agreed to be treasurer  and will be available to sign checks, etc.
·         Sue and Fred handed out the dictionaries to the Patagonia third graders and had a great time, as usual. She would like to invite that teacher to visit the club and talk about how she uses the dictionaries and how much the students appreciate them.
·         Tomorrow morning, the Student of the Month will be awarded at PUHS for Math. Math teacher, Gilbert Melanson will [resent that award to his nominee, Matthew Davidson.
·         The next meeting will be October 26th at the Steak Out, 5:30 p.m.
The meeting was adjourned at 6: 30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Rosann Clark